Cryogenic Cleansing // Four Elaborations Of Cold

ORB OF TORTURE shouldn’t be strangers to the readers of our unholy pages anymore as this five-piece from Belgium used to deliver some fine demos and compilation contributions previously to this first mini CD here already. Due to the fact that all of those releases always had some impressive material on offer it’s really weird that they still haven’t been signed yet… Nevertheless, it’s shouldn’t be a secret any longer that their technical skills are totally over the top and in that respect I would even say that “Cryogenic Cleansing // Four Elaborations Of Cold” is definitely their musical highlight so far. There’s four songs on this (once again very futuristically styled) mini CD and all of them should easily appeal to fans of NECROPHAGIST and the likes (very brutal US-styled Death Metal, but constantly on an extremely high technical level). What totally stands out on this release is without a question the incredible drumming. The diversity that this guy delivers throughout the entire playing time will definitely leave you speechless, that’s for sure! My personal highlight on this mini CD is entitled ‘Antarctic Frequency Catharsis’ and even comes up with an additional percussion part towards the end of the song. You need to hear that, believe me! On the other hand there’s a vocal effect in the opening track ‘The Initiation Rite’ which is quite similar to what CYNIC had come up with on “Focus”, with the main difference that ORB OF TORTURE haven’t used it for the main vocals, but for some selected passages only. ‘Godmode’ is probably the most straight forward track on this release (compared to other bands still quite technical though), while the title ‘Frozen Hell Design²’ should ring a bell to all those of you who constantly keep an eye (or two) on the Belgium Death Metal underground as the original version did appear on the “Face Your Underground’ Vol.2 compilation already. All in all another must have for worshippers of technical, yet extremely brutal Death Metal! www.orboftorture.be

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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