Raising The Corpse
(Underground Defenders Productions)

This is the best Death / Thrash album since HYPNOSIA’s "Extreme Hatred", period. Having accidentally stumbled across this Chilean band a few years ago, it was obvious that these young people have all the talent, passion, honesty and skills than the majority of other 2000’s of Thrash bands taken together don’t have. What would happen if Mille Petrozza replaced Max Cavalera on vocals in the late 80s and Steve DiGiorgio handled the bass duties in such a band? "Raising The Corpse" would be created, to become one of the timeless classics of that period, an album in a league of each on, as inspired and uneasy to digest as SABBAT (UK)’s "Dreamweaver". After a bunch of listens, it becomes clear that this album was written under a microscope and lots of attention was paid even to the smallest details during the composition process. The really amazing thing is the fact that all of these tracks were written here already by 2010, when the band’s members were only 14-16 years old! Despite the high technical level, the demos that RIPPER released before this album had a, well, demo recording quality. This time – we got the healthiest sounding production that a Metal album could ever have. Everything is well balanced, there is a generous dose of reverb on the snare drum, the guitar tone feels just right, the bass shines through (one in a million case of a non-distorted bass, played with fingers, that cuts in the mix so well!) and the bass drum sounds like a BASS drum. These drums sound manly, not clicky. RIPPER had all this potential since day one, but this time they nailed it in an absolutely uncompromising way. Meanwhile – the vocals also improved and they sound as aggressive as it gets. Big words about a debut album of a band that is not well known even to the majority of VFTD readers, eh? Had this album been recorded by a band from the US or Europe, rest assured that it would instantly considered a classic, just like REPUGNANT’s "Epitome of Darkness". It’s really that good. Check it out yourselves! More info at:,

Sergei Pismeny

Sergei Pismeny

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