The Exit / Destroy The World
(Iron Pegasus Records)

RIPPER are one of those newer bands who would deserve to get a ton of attention but simply don’t. Having out two brilliant full length records, they proved that wicked Deathrash in the vein of SADUS and the likes is still very much alive and well. Being one of the few, Iron Pegasus really seems to dig this Chilean four-piece, because after the “Raising The Corpse” debut record here comes a second release which features the band’s second and third demo as well as some rehearsal tracks. The beginning is marked by the in 2009 released “Destroy The World” which already consists of three songs that later made its way onto the 2014 debut record. The demo itself is of course not flawless but it definitely shows that this band has incredible amounts of potential, especially when thinking about vocalist / guitarist Venus Torment being only 15 years of age around that time. The demo material definitely hails the likes of SODOM, earliest DEATH and of course the South American Death masters of SEPULTURA who also get praised via a ‘From The Past Comes The Storm’ cover. So what “Destroy The World” offers is a very young band making their first steps into a world of chaos and death. Next up we get “The Exit” which consists of three tracks, which again all made it onto “Raising The Corpse”. With this demo being released only one year after “Destroy The World”, one already can hear improvements. Especially the bass playing of “neo Steve DiGiorgio” Pablo Cortes got distinctively better and complex. Another big improvement is that on “The Exit” we get to hear real drums. The following rehearsal tracks are rather unnecessary in my opinion and don’t need any further mentioning. However what does need some more mentioning is that RIPPER fucking slays and that they definitely need to get your support! Since they are currently roaming the European continent go check them out and get obliterated by some of the most crushing Deathrash of the new millennium. For tour-dates and more information check out and

Marco Stebich

Marco Stebich

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