The Eternal Dance At The Nucleus Of Time
(Ván Records)

Dark majestic droning ambient pieces of distorted guitar riffs, finding inspiration in old DARKTHRONE, BATHORY and DISSECTION, spiced with ritualistc percussion, slick guitar leads, eerie synth and quite captive changes of emotion, and once in a while a hellish shriek from the bottoms of hell. The German band is a spawn of MK who also is active in HÄXENZIJRKELL and runs the label The Cosmic Pillars. When comparing HÄXENZIJRKELL and RRAAUMM there is not doubt, how it all started, the same chilling dark guitar sound and ambient and droning riffing, though where HÄXENZIJRKELL is topped with different sampled pieces from German films, I suspect, RRAAUMM is much darker and eerie, much more complete and chilling. The tracks run in beautiful circles, up and down, progressing and degressing, getting darker and darker, to show a tad of light, before it becomes grey and then black again. Really well composed and captivating music – Quite majestic, and somewhat a way to present a new band, quite a debut! The music do remind me of an older German band, which I of course can’t recollect the name of, even though I’ve been searching the interwebs and my scattered record collection in search thereof, though that doesn’t make this release less strong! Enter the infernal fields: https://rraaumm.bandcamp.com, www.van-records.de

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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