Issue # 8
(89 pages, A4, printed, in Portuguese)

The review of this fanzine came about quite funny, when Metal maniac and man behind SATANIC MALEDICTION contacted us to do a review of the ‘zine in quite fine English. I didn’t use a second to think that the ‘zine perhaps wasn’t written in English, as the info didn’t mention anything about the language. Though as Irlan Nogueira Pedreira hails from Brazil, the ‘zine is of course written in his native tongue Portuguese, and damn it’s tough to decipher that with very little Spanish skills as the closest linguistic ability. Though I’ve used some time to decipher some of the writings in the ‘zine and it is dedicated and straight on. Old school in both the very cool copy / paste layout and the way Irfan approaches both interviews and reviews. He’s taking on good old styled Death Metal and grim Black Metal, cool to see bands as PUTRID, DECAYED, PROCLAMATION and a good bunch of local ripping bands featured, and too bad it takes too long for me to read it all through, as there are tons of good material and info in the ‘zine. We are also getting some band biographies and a ‘zine / label feature. If you are good at Portuguese or just wants to improve a bit in it, then SATANIC MALEDICTION is your thing as this is a good old school dedicated fanzine with much more space for interviews, than reviews, I really like that, now I just have to hope for an English version sometime in the future. More info at:

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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