The Seth Avalanche
(Abyss Records)

Formed back in Sweden in 2008, this is their second EP of angry Death / Thrash that recalls the sound of early KREATOR and SADUS. There is also a good dose of MOTÖRHEAD. Still, I ask myself if we really need a band like this in this time and age? How many bands have I heard in a similar style in the last two years? Countless… and I won’t put SEPTEKH in the group of the worse I have heard, because it is not, yet still this belongs to the group of bands that plays good but are trendy and generic as hell in their style. Evil Thrash Party Metal from hell with a Rock’n’Roll attitude. If a song title like ‘Fucklsut From Hell” is not telling you anything concerning their lyrical approach then I guess you have been just released from jail or something. I also find the cover to be quite weird and more suitable for a Doom Metal band. One of those releases that might be good for having a few beers and watching porno movies, but then again it is destined to gather dust rather than laser beams.,,

Julian “Shoot ’em all” Nuñez

Julian “Shoot 'em all” Nuñez

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