Issue # 18
(110 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Even after so many issues I’m still heavily impressed by the incredible hard work and true dedication that good ol’ Laurent constantly puts into the creation of each new edition of SNAKEPIT. And of course issue # 18 is no exception to the rule again! You may disagree with Laurent’s opinion on certain bands and one or another band probably won’t match with your personal taste… BUT: you definitely won’t find any other magazine, fanzine or online zine around these days that comes up with so much detailed information and background knowledge as SNAKEPIT! It always takes me forever to read a new issue from start to finish and I’ve already spent various hours alone on the loooooooong interview with SAVAGE GRACE in this new issue (15 pages, with letter size 8 or something!!!). Unbelievable!!! And I already thought the EXCITER feature in the previous issue was long… If you still have any questions left after reading it, you are truly an underground maniac! Visually nothing’s really changed, which means that SNAKEPIT still comes across in the wellknown layout, so you won’t have to face any negative visual surprises in that department either. I suppose the only information you still need is the content… besides the already mentioned in-depth feature on SAVAGE GRACE (also on the cover) it reads like this: ARTILLERY, CHARTER, ZNÖWHITE / CYCLONE TEMPLE, DECAPITATOR / NECROPOLIS / WARGOD, D.D.T., A LESSON IN HISTORY with Chris Cronk (about his time in SLAYER / JAG PANZER / KARION / FATES WARNING / WARCHILD / TALISPHERE), FISHEL’S BEAST, FRIGID BICH, H-BOMB, HIRAX, JUGGERNAUT, KRAKEN, MORSÜRE (8 1/2 pages!!), SKULLVIEW, STEEL ASSASSIN, TNT, WEHRMACHT and a label special (SYDNEY PRODUCTIONS) plus 8 pages of highly critical reviews. Every issue furthermore includes a vinyl 7” EP of the unreleased 1983 SAVAGE GRAVE demo "The Lost Grace", so this is truly heaven again for every old school Metalhead. You can order yourself a copy directly from Nuclear War Now! or various wellknown underground mailorders. Laurent does NOT sell it himself anymore, but of course you can still reach him through or via

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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