Issue # 19
(120 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Writing a SNAKEPIT review has become pretty superfluous these days since Laurent delivers the same high quality with each and every issue for many years by now, so basically all you need to know is the fact that a new issue has been released and what the content consists of. Issue # 19 features former ANTHRAX frontman Neil Turbin on the full coloured cover and of course you’ll also get an in-depth interview with him inside about the early days of ANTHRAX until his recent activities in DEATHRIDERS. Additional answers come from original bass player Danny Lilker and drummer Greg D’Angelo (9 pages in total!). Other interviews include CRYPT (CAN), TENEBRES (F), VOOR (CAN), a feature on three rather obscure California based acts that all appeared on Metal Massacre Vol.III (LA MORT, MARAUDER, SEXIST), EXCALIBUR (F), BLACKKOUT (US), GRIFFIN (US), Rick Rozz about his early days in MANTAS / DEATH and his new project M INC (7 pages), WATCH TOWER, MESSIAXX (US), RAVEN (UK/US), EXISTANCE (F), POWERVICE (NL), SLAUGHTER (F), OBSESSION (US), SENTINEL / BARON STEELE (US), THRUST (US – 6 pages), WITCH CROSS (DEN – 5 1/2 pages), ACID (BEL – 7 1/2 pages), plus 48 reviews on albums, EPs, demos and books, as well as the obligatory label special, this time dedicated to UK’s Bullet Records (most famous probably for the original release of the PRETTY MAIDS debut EP). As a free gift you’ll furthermore get an exclusive vinyl 7" by San Francisco’s GRIFFIN, with two live tracks from 1982. So, as expected, another fantastic issue for fans of REAL Heavy Metal and / or obscure underground acts. Contact Laurent for order information at More info you may also find at or

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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