Issue # 21
(122 pages, A4, printed, in English)

In order to keep a highly respected magazine like SNAKEPIT going for such a long period of time undoubtedly requires complete dedication and knowledge… and Laurent quite obviously still has ALOT of both of it! After all those years he basically runs SNAKEPIT all on his own now and still continues to deliver amazing results with each new issue he puts out. The interviews are still the most in-depth you will ever read and the questions so detailed, that you will pretty much know the entire history of each band after you finished reading them (and that requires ALOT of time, I can tell you!). But to come up with such great results, you also need to find equally dedicated musicians that are willing to take the necessary amount of time to deliver good answers, which unfortunately often isn’t the case. Based on such experiences Laurent often hooks up with various members of certain bands, so that the final result will include as much info as possible. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, because at the end of the day not all of them keep their promises. And that is a real pity, because preparing such in-depth questionaires always takes a shitload of time (I know that from own experiences)! If you go through SNAKEPIT # 21 you will easily notice that there’s a couple of real interview highlights again: UFO (with Paul Chapman, 6 pages), HERETIC (6 pages), CITIES (6 pages), OZ (6 1/2 pages), FCDN TORMENTOR (9 pages!!!! – I wasn’t even aware that this band ever existed!) and my personal favorite, TYGERS OF PAN TANG (9 1/2 incredible pages with original bassplayer Richard "Rocky" Laws)! Other magazines would already have filled an entire issue just with those six features, especially considering that the letter-size of SNAKEPIT is still very small (I suppose it’s 10px or something). But Laurent turned this issue into a 122 pages fat monster (bound as a book this time!!) and filled the rest with also pretty cool features on RITUAL, DESTILLERY, MILITIA, METALHEAD, OVERLORDE, HELSTAR, DRAGONSLAYER, JAG PANZER (with Joey Tafolla), MEDIEVAL STEEL, METAL INQUISITOR, PRETTY MAIDS, DESOLATION ANGELS, OBLIVION, a C.M.F.T. / C.C.G. label special and 63 reviews. A free OBLIVION vinyl 7" as well as a full coloured cover complete the already very impressive picture. My only little complain is the partly too dark background images, which should definitely be brightened up next time in order to make the highly interesting texts better readable. Apart from that, once again highly recommended for every true Metalhead outthere! Copies can be ordered directly from NWN Productions. More info at, email:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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