Issue # 22
(120 pages, A4, printed, in English)

When I stopped publishing SNAKEPIT after the release of issue # 4 and passed everything on to Laurent I never really expected it to become such an influential and long running zine. The interviews have turned into massive in-depth features over the years (with more details included that some of you might be able to swallow) and since # 18 each issue even comes up with no less than 120 pages (with the smallest letter size you can imagine!). Laurent is a die hard, completely narrow-minded maniac, who definitely knows more about the true Metal underground than anyone else I ever got to know. That’s a big part of the reason why SNAKEPIT basically evolved into a zine for like-minded crazy fellows who simply don’t give a shit about what’s being labeled as "Metal" nowadays. And to give a rather unknown act such as ASKA a 12 pages long cover story in issue # 20 was probably the most controversial thing he ever did. I gotta confess that some interviews are too in-depth for my taste as well. It always takes a shitload of time to read a new issue and you can’t even read a single interview in one piece if you’re lacking in time. It’s really exhausting since there’s so incredibly much information… almost like an information overkill. But on the other hand: SNAKEPIT is a timeless magazine, more like an encyclopedia, so even if you need years to finish reading an issue, the information still isn’t outdated by then. So, I sincerely hope that Laurent won’t change anything about his concept at all (dispite the criticism he already receives here and there and which is clearly reflected in his editorial of this new issue). So, what can you expect from # 22 then? First and foremost, it’s a typical SNAKEPIT issue again, with the usual layout, tons of old flyers, pics and all that stuff. So, if you always liked the visual side of SNAKEPIT, you’ll love this one as well. What’s different is the fact that it comes on high glossy paper now (not necessary if you’d ask me) and that it is sealed due to the included free EP (more about it in a minute). The content is as exciting as ever and the following interviews will most certainly entertain you to the max: TANK (with original drummer Mark Brabbs, 4 1/2 pages), SLAYER (with original manager Steven Craig and early roadie Doug Goodman, 9 pages), CHATEAUX (4 pages), ONSLAUGHT (9 pages), RAPID TEARS (3 1/2 pages), NIGHT DEMON (4 pages), PENTAGRAM CHILE, ATTACKER (5 pages), DEMON FLIGHT (3 1/2 pages), EXCITER (with Dan Beehler, 3 pages), FALLEN ANGEL, GARGOYLE (NJ, 4 pages), HEXX (with Dan Bryant, Dennis Manzo and Dan Watson, 9 pages), MALEDICTION, MEGADETH / WARGOD (with early drummer William Lee Rauch, 3 1/2 pages), DARK ANGEL (with original vocalist Don Doty, 3 pages), PURGATORY (4 1/2 pages), SACRAL RAGE, SANCTUM, SIN STARLETT, THE BEAST, WARHEAD (NY), WASTED, WITCHTOWER and ZOETROPE (3 1/2 pages). Additionally you’ll get 10 pages of highly critical reviews and a free 7" EP from MALEDICTION (featuring two exclusive tracks and partly on colored vinyl – the one I got is yellow). So, all in all this is without any doubt another must have for all you old school Metal maniacs out there. You can order your copy from NWN Productions, High Roller Records or a bunch of other mailorder companies (just check out the SNAKEPIT Facebook site for all further details): or contact Laurent via e-mail at:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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