Issue # 15
(88 pages, A4, xeroxed, in English)

I hope that I won’t have to introduce SNAKEPIT to the readers of VOICES anymore as this zine has been around long enough to establish its good reputation within the underground. For those of you who still haven’t seen a copy of it yet, let me tell you that the 15th edition has just been released by Laurent and as usual it should be a feast for every serious underground Metalhead who considers the 80s as the best period for Metal music ever! Laurent’s in-depth knowledge on the obscure acts from back then still scares the shit outta me and you certainly won’t find a zine with so much inside information included as SNAKEPIT, that’s for sure! This newest issue easily follows the footsteps of its predecessors (yep, "never change a running system") and offers the following contents: a brandnew interview with Lee Altus of HEATHEN (if you already thought that there’s nothing more to add to the massive HEATHEN feature in a previous issue, think again, cause here comes another 5 œ pages!!!), WAR CRY / BATTALION (3 œ pages), REDRUM (3 œ pages), RAVENSTHORN (3 pages), UNSEEN TERROR / AZAGTHOTH (1 œ pages – known from our website already), VIRON (2 œ pages), a label special on TORRID ECORDS (1 œ pages), IMAGIKA (2 œ pages), VALHALLA (2 pages), BLOODCUM (3 pages), SACRILEGE B.C. (3 pages), REALM (7 pages), TOXIK (3 pages), WARGOD / ATTAXE / COLD BLOOD (4 pages), BATTLE AXE (3 œ pages), HIRAX (NOT with Katon, but with the other former members Bob, Gary and Johnny – 7 pages), POISON / R.U.DEAD? (5 pages), really (and I mean REALLY) in-depth interviews with Brian Ross about BLITZKRIEG / SATAN / AVENGER / LONE WOLF (9 pages!!) and Steve Gaines about ABATTOIR / BLOODUST / PAGAN WAR MACHINE / DREAMS OF DAMATION and ANGER AS ART (5 pages!!) plus 86 well written reviews (on 8 œ pages). The whole zine was xeroxed (but you don’t really notice that), comes with a full colour live pic of Lee Altus on the cover and (as usual) features lots of old pictures and flyers to compliment the delivered information! Nuff said! This is one of the last really essential zines around these days, so go ahead and send 5,- Euro (cash, incl. postage) to the following address: Laurent Ramadier, La Calloterie, 72210 Voivres Les Le Mans, France, email:, website:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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