Issue # 23
(76 pages, A4, printed, in English)

Back in the 80s, when I was still heavily trading tapes, BLIND ILLUSION was a band that really impressed me a lot! Their demos “Blood Shower” and “Slow Death”, as well as their 1988 debut full length “The Sane Asylum”, are still among my alltime faves today when it comes to bands from the Bay Area. Unfortunately there was hardly any press coverage on them, apart from some reviews, so I was totally blown away by the in-depth feature that Laurent did with mainman Mark Biedermann (guitar) and the band’s former members David White (vocals), Mike Miner (drums), Pat Woods (guitar), Vern McEllroy (bass) and Wes Anderson (drums). And when I say “in-depth”, I literally mean that, because this interview is no less than 15 (!!!) pages long and covers every fuckin’ little detail in their long lasting career. After I finished reading it, I found out that I knew basically nothing about them, not even that David White (nowadays in HEATHEN) was their original vocalist in the early days (it seems I missed quite a few important topics as well back then already)… And if that isn’t enough already, this issue also includes a free BLIND ILLUSION vinyl 7″ EP with 2 tracks from 1979’s “The Likewise Sessions” (‘The Watcher’ and ‘Rockers Unite’), which is just amazing! Apart from this, SNAKEPIT # 23 also includes lengthy interviews with better know Metal acts such as MORE, LIEGE LORD (7 pages) and WARNING (6 pages), as well as with WYZARD, TENTATION, SNOWHITE, WIKKYD VIKKER, VALHALLA VICE, MACHEN ASSAULT, JUMALATION, SNEAK ATTACK, MENACE, BANSHEE (Can), HOCCULTA, KRATOS, SATAN’S HOLLOW and EMERALD (US). Once again, a shitload of bands I haven’t even heard of before, even though I was very deeply interested in the 80s Metal underground back then. A full color cover and and 16 reviews complete another awesome issue, which offers the usual good printing quality. You can check out a teaser video for it at this location. To order a copy go here. All further SNAKEPIT info is available at

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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