Dom Człowieka
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Evil Black Metal from Poland but with a twist. Yep, this is one of those bands that understand that Heavy Metal in any form is all about powerful guitars. And so they have a fat, full guitar sound to add to their Black Metal sound, and the results are great. The fact they scream in their native language gives this also that unique flavor of old Eastern European bands, like old MASTER’S HAMMER or ROOT. And actually I do find this band in a very similar style to the band STINY PLAMENU as many bits here and there, along with the vocal style, are quite similar. The core of the band is rooted in early Black Metal where BATHORY is the main influence, but with references to early MAYHEM and some EMPEROR. The production values are also spot on as it sounds powerful but without being overproduced. And there is always that sense of wicked melody present in their songs, which especially shines when the band plays at slower tempos. Although mostly played fast, the band is also wise enough to use a variety of tempos while never letting the intensity go away. Some riffs do have a very energetic approach, which showcases a complex way of arranging, thus giving the band a very personal touch. Something that is quite noticeable is the use of bells within the drum arrangements, this is not common in extreme Metal, but used at the right time as they do it here, actually enhances the music. If you like the sound of old Eastern European Black Metal bands, this will surely fit your need for that. More info at:,

Julián “Popłód” Núñez

Julián "Popłód" Núñez

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