Postmortem Spheres
(Iron Pegasus Records)

When I was asked to review this album, I initially thought it was the Polish Black Metal band from the ’90s. However, it turns out that this band is more current and hails from Belgium. I knew nothing about them, so I began researching and listening to their previous work. They have a demo, a couple of albums (“Taranis” and “Flandriae”) and a split with HEINRICHREICH. What can we find in these earlier albums? A mid-tempo Black / Thrash sound that strongly reminds me of the old SAMAEL, PANDEMONIUM, perhaps with a bit more Thrash influence. It has the vibe of ’90s material, not something from the 2000s. This new album is once again released under the German label Iron Pegasus, fitting seamlessly with the material released by this label (AGATUS, DESASTER, HADEZ, SABBAT, ZEMIAL, etc.). It doesn’t deviate one bit from its editorial line. In my opinion, with this album TARANIS represents their best material yet. They have improved and added more variety compared to their older works. Across the 50-minute duration, their Black / Thrash signature is evident, but now their vocals have significantly improved. Their transition from typical Black Metal raspiness to deeper tones, at times reminiscent of Attila’s (MAYHEM) style, I find intriguing. Their Thrash Metal elements this time around bear a striking resemblance to the sound of TORMENTOR (Hungary) and old Eastern European Thrash, featuring similar guitar riffs (take a listen to ‘Night Of The Banshee’ and ‘The Soulbridge’). Some tracks deviate slightly from Thrash, delving into darker territories with the addition of keyboards and a slower tempo, reminiscent of slower MAYHEM, incorporating influences from old Greek bands like NECROMANTIA / VARATHRON. Vocal registers akin to Attila’s can be found in songs like ‘Haunting Mirrors’, ‘The Invocation Of Cayin’ and ‘Beautiful Darkness’. Overall, it’s a very commendable album and recommended for fans of old mid-paced Black Metal. This is not your typical trendy Black Metal album. More information you will find at: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089158362732, www.facebook.com/ironpegasusrecords

Oscar “evilcore666” Vazquez

Oscar "evilcore666" Vazquez

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