Hordes Of Zombies
(Season Of Mist)

Aaah, TERRORIZER… my friends, who here among us do not own a copy of the classic (I have it on an original Earache cassette)"World Downfall"?! Seriously, who doesn’t? Cause if you don’t, get the fuck out of here and go listen to those MORBID ANGEL remixes (too extreme!) and dance the night away!! I really don’t remember much about their previous outing "Darker Days Ahead" except there was some down tuning that many of us fans considered unnecessary and it was the late great (and much missed) Jesse Pintado’s (RIP – us fans loved you man!) final album. But I was too pissed off about the downtuning and dismayed by the death of Jesse too really grasp and pay attention to "Darker Days Ahead". So I heard they had reformed once again and this time with the bass return of Mr."Radikult" himself David Vincent! I was puzzled as to why they not moved Tony Norman from bass to guitar for as far as I know ,Tony is a guitarist first and foremost; but it seems he’s no longer in Metal as Katina Culture from vocalist Anthony "Wolf" Rezhawk’s other band RESISTANT CULTURE has taken over the guitar duties and done a magnificent job of it as she has NOT filled Jesse Pintado’s shoes but is her own guitarist, riffing away on the guitar blazing her own trail. Very good guitar sound indeed and quite similar to Jesse’s style of playing. Now Pete’s drumming is great on this album, if anything he sounds somewhat restrained (and on the thrashy parts like the drum machine off of COMECON’s "Megatrends In Brutality", believe me – but that’s a good thing!). Maybe because of his back problems or maybe it’s because we have already heard other spectacular drummers (that Pete spawned!) and it’s just my imagination. The album starts off with an intro and I worship "The Walking Dead" series on TV (plug plug plug!) as much as the next zombie-walker, but I must say yawn! On the first real song, the title track, we get "unless, mankind, learns from past, mistakes" I’m sure he means tyrannical political systems like national socialism, but I hope he’s also speaking of the soft communism of the EU, the soft totalitarian socialism of Barack Hussein Obama, and the utter totalitarianism of Islam also. Don’t hide behind the "we speak of social issues" facade only to espouse socialism and communism like those lice ridden Maoist fucks in RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and Barney Greenway (capitalism financing socialist utopian bullshit is what is not working Mark!). Don’t tell me to not bring politics into this as TERRORIZER already have! And don’t get me wrong, I am not a national socialist but believe in capitalism pure and simple. The market always corrects itself, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money (as Greece is running out of Germany’s money, correct?) and governments are the genocide of the starving nations not multi-national corporations (I know, that last one is NAPALM DEATH, but still… Jesse was in them, so there…haha!). But back to the music. I hear little bass, I was afraid it would be some slap, techno,"too extreme!" bass, but from what I can hear, David Vincent kept it pure sooo… kudos to him for that; and again, the guitar sound and playing of Ms. Katina is very good! I played this for an old friend I met when I used to work at Metalstorm Records here in El Paso Texas (‘90 – ‘93) who also purchased a TERRORIZER cassette from Earache there, and for the life of him could not tell me who the band I was playing for him was! The production is pretty and does not sound like old TERRORIZER at all (Scott Burns’ super duper-for back then-Morrisound production sounds tiny compared to the production on display here!) and the vocals are too deep,what for? Sorry, but I believe in continuity as in AC/DC, when Bon Scott passed they got a very similar vocalist in Brian Johnson. But here Rezhawk is too deep with (I might be wrong) a touch of harmonizer (which makes some sense as one of the band’s main influences and where they got their name from MASTER, used harmonizer on their 1985 unreleased eventually released album) but it’s pointless: his vocals are good but I prefer the natural raspy growl of Oscar Garcia (who ripped me and my guitarist off and probably thousands more when we sent him money for TERRORIZER shirts, so fuck him in that respect! Oscar = culero rip off!). Basically what I’m getting at is that at this point TERRORIZER’s new album sounds like… a lot of other bands albums. Run of the mill and ho-hum? Well yes, at first. And I did want to tell you I don’t like it, honestly.Upon first listen I frowned and wagged my finger "nonono" in disapproval. But I cannot lie to you: after repeated listenings I do like this album and do recommend it to you as a CD worthy of your purchase and your hard earned Euros, Dollars or Pounds. Remember do not be a part of a "Horde Of Zombies"and keep paying more and more taxes to a corrupt socialist government. It’s your money, not the governments’!! Go buy this new TERRORIZER CD and support them and dream of the day when they come to play live in your town, as I am dreaming of the day when TERRORIZER comes to play in El Paso Texas and bang your head the night away!! Support! More info at www.terrorizergrindcore.net, www.myspace.com/terrorizergrindcore, www.facebook.com/terrorizergrindcore, www.season-of-mist.com

Luis M. L. Sallard

Luis M. L. Sallard

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