Prelude To Blasphemy
(Alma Mater Records)

Before SEPULTURA hit the big leagues with their third full-length “Beneath The Remains” they were a much different beast. Darker and more primitive and with time they set the stage for a sound that was to grow and expand to what they have become today. Those who remember and yearn for that bestial sound of the past can take heed. THE TROOPS OF DOOM gives that to you, in a sense. I won’t go into too much detail but basically, the original guitarist Jairo Tormentor decided to get back into it and create something of that older sound generated on those first two albums. This release compiles those first EP forays and two brand-new songs. One thing I will say as I listen to this, there is a predominant SLAYER influence. Now some may say that’s not a bad thing but you can hear many sounds and tones and some of the riffing that harkens to “Reign In Blood” and “South Of Heaven” era. You do get that early SEPULTURA groove on the first two EPs with obviously a more modern sound and musicianship. The vocals of Alex Kafer do have a similar quality to Max as well. Including remakes / re-recordings of both EPs from those seminal recordings helps solidify that mood. Bits and pieces of SODOM and CELTIC FROST permeate the songs as well. I cannot comment too much and some of the later releases but if the newer songs contained are any indication it seems they may be slightly moving away from the more primal sound and adapting more of that SLAYER vibe to their sound. Again, good or bad, let us see how it goes for them on that note. So if you missed those first two releases and / or need that early SEPULTURA itch filled, these can more than likely fill that gap for you. One needs to also mention the artwork that has been used for this release and some of the prior ones. Much like the music they take the old mascot of sorts and painted (him / it) in a much more grandiose and epic manner. Giving a great homage and tribute to those early album covers. Go take a look.,

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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