Awakening In The Cemetery Grave
(Chaos Records / Dark Blasphemies Records)

When we received this album by the Spanish Death Metal band UNCONSECRATED, their bandname didn’t exactly ring a bell. With “Awakening In The Cemetery Grave”, you get hold of their entire discography as this album is a compilation of their first two demos – "Unconsecrated Cemetery” (2006) and "Dark Awakening" (2007) – who were never officially released – and their single "Slave To The Grave” (2010). Like their Spanish colleagues GRAVEYARD, UNCONSECRATED is clearly addicted to Swedish Death Metal. The rather simple structured material (meant in a positive way) as well as the typical ‘Swedish’ guitarsound is a constant reminder of bands like GRAVE, DISMEMBER, NIHILIST, (old) EVOCATION and UNLEASHED (who are honored here with a cover of their classic ‘Dead Forever’). The sound is very good – especially if you consider that these are ‘just’ demo-recordings – and can easily compete with professional albums. You don’t get to hear anything really innovating or new here, you’ve probably heard it already all before in one way or another. But whoever starts his or her day with an album by bands like INTERMENT, ENTRAILS or anything from the old Swedish scene will definitely love "Awakening In The Cemetery Grave” as well. More information at: www.facebook.com/pages/unconsecrated/166423820042730, www.myspace.com/unconsecrated, www.chaos-records.com, www.darkblasphemiesrecords.com

Steven Willems

Steven Willems

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