Slave To The Grave
(Dark Descent Records)

Doesn’t it get boring with all those old school Death Metal bands, sounding too much like old ENTOMBED, old DISMEMBER, old GRAVE, old UNLEASHED…? Fuck no, not as long as the quality is as splendid as on this new 7" EP from Spanish Death Metal band UNCONSECRATED. First up, and I have to take the opportunity, I have to say that UNCONSECRATED’s logo fuckin’ kicks ass. What a great piece of Death Metal art? Just brilliant! The cover of this 7" EP looks like it was done by the same artist who took care for the democovers of the 2nd and 3rd demo from Swedish PUTERAEON. Still all this doesn’t make "Slave To The Grave" to something worth to buy, especially considering the fact that Matt from Dark Descent Records just sent me the song-files and I’m still waiting for the original 7" EP release. UNCONSECRATED are old school to the bone and the main topic the songs deal with are graves and graveyards, just read the songtitles ‘Buried In The Crypt’, ‘Exhumating Profaned Flesh’ and ‘Slave To The Grave’. Musically speaking you get your expected dose of old school Death Metal. Don’t wonder about it, it’s nothing original, nothing never heard before, just plain and straight old school Swedish Death Metal for fans of the mentioned bands above. Common’, this is nothing negative at all; this is how we expect UNCONSECRATED to be. At least how I expect them after hearing their "Unconsecrated Cemetery / Dark Awakening" CD. The final song, ‘Breath Of Desolation’, is an acoustic outro with cool atmospheric acoustic guitars – not a new idea again, nevertheless a perfect end of this 7" EP. Really, this is great stuff and as no one is expecting musical progression from a band like BOLT THROWER, I’m happy that I got what I expected when I first listened to this 7" EP. Great stuff, recommendable. Limited to 500 copies only. Nuff said!!! Check out www.darkdescent.net for ordering details and for all further info www.myspace.com/unconsecrated.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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