Unconsecrated Cemetery / Dark Awakening
(Dan's Crypt Records)

If you pine for the heyday of the Swedish Sunlight Studios sound such as early Entombed, Dismember and Grave, then these slick demos (released as one disc) will have you wetting your pants in delight. These Spaniards will rock your socks off with charming ditties like ‘Morbid Dawn Of The Deceased’ and ‘Tombs Of Fallen Angels’ and even an Unleashed cover for good measure (‘Dead Forever’). The band does manage to slow things down for variety a few times and manages to do it without being boring. If Bloodbath ever do a proper tour, make Unconsecrated the opening band and get these guys on the road! For more info and sound samples check out www.myspace.com/unconsecrated, www.danscrypt.com

Jesse Light

Jesse Light

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