Throne Of The Forgotten
(Undercover Records)

This 2002 initiated, self-named one-man project was started by former GRAVEN-member Vargsang (also in the musically fantastic, lyrically dubious NORDISCHES BLUT) and with “Call Of The Nightwolves” already delivered an excellent piece of raw, northern Black Metal in 2003. Their uncompromising, pure and unadulterated approach is perfected on “Throne Of The Forgotten” which tops its predecessor in every aspect. The “production” (the album was recorded, mixed & mastered at the rehearsal space) is just great, razorsharp and raw as fuck and unites with the more varied and less monotonous song structures to a monument of Black Metal traditionalism. Spirit, atmosphere and musical concept are just what the dedicated Black Metal maniac loves about the mid-90s and captures me as well again and again. Fast and furious hatefulness constantly is alternated with typical “rocking” Black Metal riffs and with ‘Raped And Hanged’ VARGSANG finally could come up with a pitchblack little hit. So, don’t miss this harsh, powerful and honest album that denies any innovation but offers pure delight to old schoolers!

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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