Violation Wound
(Vic Records)

Let’s make this review short and to the point, just like this album. VIOLATION WOUND (great name!) is a project formed by Chris Reifert (guitar, vocals) Joe Orterry (bass) and Matt O’Connell (drums) who don’t like to fuss around and go straight to the bone with their raw, aggressive, ass kicking Punk’n’Roll. Or is it Punk Metal? Whatever you call it, they’ve crammed 18 songs into 26 minutes in a true Punk Rock style of not boring the listener with too much unnecessary crap, overstreched choruses and so on. Forget what officially passes for Punk these days, because the fashion industry overtook it long time ago and turned into another cheap commodity. VIOLATION WOUND shrug off that poser nonsense and blast away with filthy, rocking, pissed off music about real worldly shit as their songtitles will tell you. Opening with catchy as syphillitic gonorrhoea ‘Don’t Believe It’, they proceed to infect you with such sweet gems as ‘Glue Trap’ (featuring harmonica!), ‘Brain In A Sling’ ("…can’t remember what I just said…"), toxically infectious ‘In My Veins’ (reminding me of old Chris’ project EAT MY FUK), truly romantic ‘Complaint Box’ ("…complain, bitch, i don’t wanna hear it…") and very accurate ‘Nothing To Say’. I’m sure, I’ll be repeating myself here, but when you want to play the album again after it has just finished, and the repeat that procedure another couple times, it means only one thing – BUY OR DIE!!! Danny Coralles and Eric Cutler also make guest appearances here, so AUTOPSY maniacs should take notice as well. What a great whiff of a rotten Punk to start your summer! BUY OR DIE!!!,

Mindaugas ‘Plix’ Lapinskas

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

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