The Last Witness
(Lavadome Productions)

Boston Death Metal band ZEALOTRY’s second full-length "The Last Witness" is a testimony to Death Metal with a little technical meandering mixed in. R. Temin (vocals), P. Tougas on guitar and vocals and drummer Alex Zalatan deliver a solid album that crunches in places, rises and falls in bass noodling and walks a crooked path in others. The first track ‘Arc Of Eradication’ is a bombastic offering which takes off running before the guitar jitters and dodges through a technical journey. ‘Heralding The Black Apostle’ is a fitting title for this slowed down, then upbeat chugging of a song. ‘Cybernetic Eucharist’ sort of plods along before a jerky bassline introduces a blast of Death Metal decadence. The fourth track ‘Progeny Omega’ begins with an acoustic intro leading into a relaxed tone before more tech-riffage breaks through. ‘Mutagenesis’ is more of a classic sound of Death Metal with a blaring guitar solo to wake the dead and rotting. Another mid-paced track, ‘Yliaster’, continues the journey. However, ‘The Last Witness’ gets a little corny with its whispering vocals. Is he trying to sound ominous or sexy? Not sure. At least there’s a skip button on my player. The final track ‘Silence’ has an acoustic Italian vibe going on before the despairing vocals squeeze through to witness the wrapping up of the album. Overall, "The Last Witness" is a solid album of technical Death Metal with varying elements to keep it fresh. For more information, check out www.facebook.com/zealotrymetal, www.lavadome.org.

David Simonton

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