December 10, 2001

Florida’s blackend Death Metal lunatics EQUINOX have a 13-track sampler CD-R available that features a couple of unfinished, raw instrumental versions of brandnew songs, five covertunes (by MAIDEN, PRIEST, SABBATH, SLAYER, MERCYFUL FATE), as well as four excerpts of very promising and unique sounding material that was recorded in Morrisound Studio (by Jim & Tom Morris) in order to appear on their "Journey Into Oblivion" full length. The album was originally supposed to be released by the Polish company Still Dead Productions, but as they ended up having financial problems, EQUINOX had to change plans and are in search for a new label now to take over the project. So, all seriously interested companies should immediately get in touch with the band via e-mail at the following address: All further details can be found at:

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