December 23, 2001

CHILDREN OF BODOM‘s website,, reports that the band are currently in discussions for a record deal. Until a deal is set there will be no new material from the band. Following their scheduled Christmas shows COB will take their time composing and rehearsing new songs.

CARNAL FORGE, of which three members really do work in a mental institution, will release their new album, "Please… Die!", on January 22nd in North America. The band will be heading out for a European tour with MORTICIAN and YATTERING in January 2002.

CRYPTOPSY are tentatively planning a North American headlining tour for April.

Mrs. Heidi Solberg Tveitan’s (a.k.a. Ihriel, wife if Ihsahn) project, formerly DIES MISERERE, has been renamed STAR OF ASH. The album is scheduled for post-production / mixing early Spring 2002. According to the Jester Records website, Jester / Ulver mastermind Chris Rygg reports, "Since having listened to the pre-production of the material it seems perfectly clear to me that this girl is gonna shut the mouths of the disbelievers once and for all. We are happy to bring aboard some real girl power".

IMMEMORIAL have released their new album, "Temple Of Retribution". It’s out on the Blackend label.

BEHEMOTH will soon take a rest to concentrate on their next album, due out in September 2002. Before that release Avantgarde Music will likely release some back catalogue re-issues or a live DVD from the band. Behemoth’s recent UK tour ran into a little bad luck, with the tour not being able to visit Ireland. The band promises their Irish fans that they’ll return as soon as possible.

CARPATHIAN FOREST will soon enter the studio to record a couple of new songs and four cover versions to be included on a yet-to-be-titled release that will also feature some live recordings. The band will then take a break before recording a new studio album.

OPERA IX will be in Damage Inc. studio (ANATHEMA) in Italy in January and February to record their new album, "Maleventum". Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘Maleventum’, ‘Princess Of The Ancient’, ‘Unearthed Arcana’, ‘In The Dark I Found The Reflection Of The Hidden Mirrors’, ‘Muscaria’, ‘Forgotten Gods’ and ‘In The Raven’s Eye’. The band would like to point out that they have NOT split up nor are they planning to disband as a result of the departure of kicked out band members Cadaveria and Flegias.

DARK SANCTUARY will record their new album at Prophecy’s Studio-E in Germany in the first few months of 2002. This will be the bands first release with new vocalist Dame Pandora.

Finland’s DIABLERIE are currently working on a new album.

Avantgarde Music will release TAAKE‘s new album, "Bjoergvin", in January.

RAVENTHRONE‘s new album, "Endless Conflict Theorem", will be released in January through Avantgarde. The tracklisting: ‘The Gargoyle’, ‘The Eaters Of The Dead’, ‘Among Whispering Walls’, ‘Soul Storm’, ‘Endless Conflict Theorem’, ‘The Oath’, ‘The Dragon Of The Night Sky’, ‘A Night Among The Ruins Of Basra’, ‘Wayfarer’s Song’, ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Serenade For The Dead’.

EVOKEN are currently working on their forthcoming album. The 10 minute plus songs such as ‘Coveting Elysium’, ‘The Last Of Vitality’ and ‘Antithesis Of Light’ are described by the band as "our Darkest material to date, mesmerizing, hypnotic doom with a few things not expected on an Evoken album".

It appears that a line-up revolution is happening within MORTUARY DRAPE. Reports have vocalist / founding member Wildness Perversion kicking out the entire staff except bassist Left Hand Preacher, who is now carrying over the guitar role. It seems new members were found immediately and the recording of their next album has not been disrupted.

Sweden’s SHINING are now signed to Avantgarde. The band will record their new album at Abyss Studio. For more info on the band check out their website at:

Finland’s FRAGILEHOLLOW, featuring members of RAPTURE and DIABLERIE, have inked a deal with Avantgarde. The band were previously known as PROPHET. The band have been compared to KATATONIA and ANATHEMA. For more on the band go to

Avantgarde have signed Poland’s STROMMHOUSHELD. The band are said to be "dark, mysterious and weird". For more go to:

Next year IN THE WOODS will release a live double album from their last gig in Kristiansand, Norway. A video (and maybe DVD) is also planned.

EWIGHEIM, the new band featuring Yantit (EISREGEN) and Allen B. Konstanz (THE VISION BLEAK), will release their debut album, "Mord Nicht Ohne Grund", next year through Prophecy.

ORPLID‘s new album is nearly finished and will be released soon.

This coming spring, Prophecy will release the German edition of the the book "Lords Of Chaos" by Miachael Moynihan (BLOOD AXIS) and Didrik Söderlind. The book will be released with a double CD, with liner notes by Michael Moynihan. The disc will document the history of occult music in the 20th century from early Blues to modern Electronica and various styles of Rock music. There will be many rare and unreleased tracks on the compilation.

SOLEFALD‘s Cornelius’ book, "Gebura Muse", was published in hardbound version by Norway’s oldest and largest publisher, H. Aschehoug & Company, a very prestigious honor for any writer. Translated excerpts from the Norwegian text are interspersed throughout the lyrics of ‘Pills Against The Ageless Ills’. In related news, Lazare has also done some acting on Norwegian television, working with one of the most famous Norwegian comedians who has a talk show every Friday. One of their skits was a Black Metal parody for the fictitious band COUNT BLOOD. Lars played the drummer in the band whose role was to "diss" the band every Friday for 2 1/2 months.

KRIEG will release their new album, "Destruction Ritual", through Red Stream at the end of December. A limited edition LP edition will be available in spring 2002.

SECRETS OF THE MOON release their debut album, "Stronghold Of The Inviolables", in January through Red Stream. The band features ex-members of MARTYRIUM.

JUDAS ISCARIOT will release their new album, "To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding", on January 25th through Red Stream.

HIDDEN are preparing to record their debut album, "Spectral Magnitude", for Red Stream.

HIMINBJORG‘s "Haunted Shores" CD is out through Red Stream on December 24th. The CD comes in an eight panel digipak.

WINDS‘ "Reflections Of The I" album will be licensed and available domestically in the U.S. through The End Records.

KHOLD began recording their new album, "Phantom", on December 17th. They are aiming for a March release.

SATYRICON will open their new website,, around New Year.

THORNS have been nominated by the Norwegian Award ALARM in the category for Best Metal Album of 2001.

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