December 12, 2002

Sweden’s MAZE OF TORMENT were signed by Hellspawn Records and have their long awaited fourth album "The Unmarked Graves" out in February 2003 worldwide. The album was recorded at The Abyss studios with producer Tommy Tägtgren in late 2001, but has been put on ice until now due to problems with their former U.S. label. The album features 12 tracks of intense and catchy Death / Thrash Metal with their so far best production to date. Tracklist: ‘The Evil Remains The Same’, ‘Satan Descends’, ‘The Unmarked Graves’, ’13th Disciple’, ‘Fortress Of Doom’, ‘Demon’s Rape’, ‘Void Of Pain’, ‘Enter The Holocaust’, ‘Burn Till Death’, ‘Blinded By Illusions’, ‘Formula XXX’ and ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ (MISFITS cover). For more information contact Hellspawn Records at or visit their website:

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