July 30, 2002

Dark Realm Records have come to agreement with Damnation Records in Holland to reissue PENTACLE‘s "Ancient Death" CD. The disc includes two Mantas (pre-Death) cover songs taken from the Mantas / Death demo days. The reissue will also have a song taken from their out of print 10" EP. Additionally, the recording features K.K. Warslut of Destroyer 666 fame lending his vocals on one of the tracks. Right now PENTACLE are writing new songs for a full length album. They are also looking for a new label because Damnation Records (R.I.P.) has pulled the plug on all their releases. This means that at this time it’s still uncertain when the new album will be out for sale. 4 songs are almost ready and some songs are half done. The band is gonna look for a suitable studio first to record a demo to get the interest of record labels. After that they hope they can get into the studio again to record all the new stuff they have. At this time no gigs are planned for at least the end of this year to get more time to work on the new songs.

PESSIMIST hits the road for a full-scale assault across the U.S., joined by DIVINE RAPTURE for several East Coast dates, and KAOS RISING in the midwest. The tour is set for Oct. 04 thru Nov. 03, starting in NY and featuring stops in Tampa FL, Atlanta GA, Chicago and several shows in TX and CA. Some dates are TBA, stay tuned to the Pessimist web site (www.pessimist.com) for updates.

PANDEMIA from the Czech Republic will release their new album "Personal Demon" through Lost Disciple Records shortly.

Denmark’s melodic Death Metal act COMPOS MENTIS will have their debut unleashed in Sept. / Oct. entitled "Fragments Of A Withered Dream". The album features artwork by Travis Smith (November’s Doom / Nevermore) and was produced by Jacob Hanson (Withering Surface / Thronium).

NOCTUARY have been invited back to Mexico. They had a killer turnout there back in May, so expect new appearances later in Sept. / Oct. as well as a possible jaunt in the US up the West Coast, East Coast or both.

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