October 20, 2002

Former Earache and Nuclear Blast recording artists DISGUST have released a new album entitled "The Horror Of It All" through Crimes Against Humanity Records of America. The album shows a "back to basics" approach in terms of the sound and attitude and was recorded and mixed in just 18 hours. The band have kept the Discharge worship of old, but have added a faster, thrashier element, in tune with legends such as Raw Noise and Disrupt. MP3’s can be found at www.cahrecords.com/mp3.html. The album is available via mail order in the US at www.cahrecords.com, or can be ordered in Europe by sending £5.00 (UK) / EU10.00 (Europe) / $10.00 (elsewhere) to: Disgust, Box 666, Reading RG4 5AJ, England

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