August 11, 2003

Here’s an official press statement, straight from the desk of SELBSTMORD SERVICES: "Selbstmord Services have been accused of being a rip-off label because of the turbulences we’ve had within the company. Well, this is certainly not the case as Selbstmord Services exist merely to spread propaganda., And does propaganda get around when not providing people with it? Not really, so rethink! Secondly, because of this, people believe that CRAFT and FORGOTTEN TOMB have left us in search for other labels. This is also not true! FORGOTTEN TOMB was, due to many factors all seriously involved individuals know of, a necessity for us to leave behind, and we did this by selling the rights for their second album to Adipocere Records of France. Concerning CRAFT, a personal agreement between the band and the label which was made when signing the contract had to separate the two of us from each other after the release of their second album and of course the re-issue of their first. Selbstmord Services fully supports the decision of CRAFT and hope they’ll bless our world with many years of unpleasant existence, Hail!"

The NATTEFROST album, "Blood And Vomit" won’t be released before November and the already infamous KROHM debut album, "A World Through Dead Eyes" not before December.

Selbstmord Services will release BLOODLINE‘s debut album "Werewolf Training" on the 11th of September. Make sure to reserve your copy of the limited vinyl edition which will be released a few weeks later containing a free poster and one obscure postcard! BLOODLINE will also support SHINING on their "Razors Across Europe" tour. For more information, check out our tourdates section.

ZAVORASH are currently in the studio recording their new album with the working-title "Nihilistic Ascension And Spiritual Death". Their debut release "In Odium Veritas" is also going to be issued next month featuring a summary of the bands career this far. Make sure to visit their new web-site to learn more of self-realisation and death at:

ONDSKAPT‘s full-length album "Draco Sit Mihi Dux" has finally been released through Selbstmord Services. An exclusive vinyl edition is to be issued by The Ajna Offensive later this year. The band’s mini album, "Slave Under His Immortal Will", which was issued as a limited edition 10" vinyl release last year, was supposedly to be released in its CD version at this present time as well. However, the entire product was misprinted and the label had to send off new films to their new printer to be able to release this monument once and for all. All previous mistakes in the past and up till now have been caused by a factory located in the Czech Republic, nameed GZ Digital Media. Selbstmord Services have now officially changed factory and are now printing all coming items via Sony Industries, so the past problems should be cleared up by this.

Quebec-based technical Deathsters QUO VADIS continue work on their third album. The recording of the guitar, bass and vocal tracks will be complete by the end of September. The band have also confirmed the following shows: August 29th in Ottawa, August 30th in Amos, November 8th in Trois-Rivieres for the Trois-Rivieres Metal Festival with MARTYR, November 9th in St-Jerome and November 15th in Montreal with SYMPHONY X. Head to for more info.

TIDFALL have a new website,, to go along with their new studio album, "Nucleus". As well concentrating on the production of "Nucleus", the band also paid attention to the visuals and hired famous Scandinavian designers Jens Karlsson and Vegar Bakken to design the album art and the new website, respectively. "Nucleus" is released on August 4th.

Scottish Death Metallers PATHOGEN, who have toured with VADER and DECAPITATED, have inked a deal with Brutalized Records ( Downloads from the band are currently available at:

OBSCENE EULOGY have completed recording their new album. The forthcoming release again features vocals from Mika Luttinen, with NECROPHAGIA’s Killjoy guesting on one track. A late September / early October release is expected.

ABORTED ( release their third full-length album, "Goremageddon", on August 12th in the US through Olympic.

Finnish Death Metallers SCENT OF FLESH will begin recording their second album, "Valor In Hatred", in September at Music Bros studios. The 40+ minute album is due out at the end of 2003.

The DESTRUCTION OF OZ FESTIVAL, scheduled to take place in Australia with SODOM, CRYPTOPSY, MARDUK and others, has been canceled due to poor ticket sales. For an explanation from the event organizer go to:

EQUIMANTHORN, the distinctive Sumerian and ambient group led by Equitant (ABSU, EQUITANT) and Proscriptor (Absu, MELECHESH) have reformed along with Mark Riddick and Michael Riddick (THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK), David Harbour (KING DIAMOND, CHASTAIN). The band’s third album, "Second Sephira Cella", is currently under construction and will feature a host of special guest appearances.

MEADS OF ASPHODEL have finished recording their forthcoming album, "Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua". The guys are putting the finishing touches to the album which is scheduled for an October release through Supernal Music.

DRUDKH‘s debut album, "Forgotten Legends" was scheduled for a June release. However, due to a number of production delays the album will now be released in August. Meanwhile, a second album from the band, "Autumn Aurora", was recorded earlier this year and will be released later.

After years of silence, BLACK FUNERAL will release their new album, "Belial Arisen", on September 15th.

HAEMORRHAGE are hard at work putting the finishing touches to their DVD entitled, "Visions From The Morgue". Included are two video clips, live footage from the 2002 With Full Force Festival, the band’s history and some special features. The release is scheduled for winter 2003 / 2004 through Morbid Records.

The new DISINTER album, "Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead", is scheduled for a winter release through Morbid Records. The double CD features a bonus disc of the entire record reworked with symphonic remix and cello.

BEWITCHED plan to reissue their "Hibernum In Perpetuum" album with bonus demo material and a video shot at a gig where the band opened for DIMMU BORGIR.

In cooperation with Conquer Records, DAMNATION is releasing "Resurrection Of Azarath", a compilation featuring: "Rebel Souls" (1996), "Coronation" (1998), an unreleased promo from 1998 featuring two covers (KING DIAMOND’s ‘Mansion In Darkness’ and MORBID ANGEL’s ‘Bleed For The Devil’).

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