February 06, 2003

DEW-SCENTED will be recording their next (as of yet untitled) fifth album again with Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Bühne, Germany. They will be starting to track the new songs around late April and then proceed with the mix by early June. The release of the album is scheduled for September 2003 via Nuclear Blast. Eight brand new songs are completely finished already, but the band is still working on some more as well as making up their minds about possible cover versions to use as special bonus tracks. A re-recording of a song from the "Ill-Natured" album is also planned, to be used as a bonus track. In related news, a DVD / video compilation release of last year’s With Full Force festival includes a live sample of DEW-SCENTED’s set (‘Life Ending Path’) and also Party-San Festival has released a live video compilation of 2002 featuring DEW-SCENTED material. All further info at: www.dew-scented.de

SCARVENGER, an old school Death / Thrash band from France (which features ex-KROMADEATH members) has passed through severe line-up changes during the last months, loosing both their drummer and bassist. By now their previous bass player is back in the band, and they are currently trying out a new drummer. The band still anticipates the recording of a demo in some months. Two live tracks can be downloaded from their website, as well as all further info: www.scarvenger.fr.st

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