February 15, 2003

Evil Inc. Productions are seeking more acts to add to this year’s METAL MASSACRE FEST on April 19 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Already confirmed are: INCANTATION, EVIL INCARNATE, WACO JESUS, ENVY THE DEAD and EMESIS. If you’re interested contact the following email address: ENDofDAYS@himnosrituales.com

On February 24 Listenable Records will re-issue the rare VILE debut "Stench Of The Deceased", as a limited edition slipcase with 4 bonus tracks. The band is touring Europe in February / March.

In mid April LISTENABLE RECORDS will furthermore release the following albums: ABORTED – "Goremageddon – The Saw And The Carnage Done" (strictly limited edition slipcase of 3500 copies, with a Carcass cover as bonus track); MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – "Inhumanity" (debut album in the vein of CHILDREN OF BODOM / SOILWORK) and at the end of May, early June: LUCIFERION ("The Apostate") and EXHUMED / ABORTED (limited edition split live 10"). For further info check out: www.listenable.net

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