October 13, 2003

Florida Death Metal legend MONSTROSITY have a new album out. "Rise To Power" has been released in the US on September, 23rd via Conquest Music. The line up for the album is Jason Avery (vocals), Tony Norman (guitars), Lee Harrison (drums), Sam Molina (guitars) and Mike Poggione (bass). The full track listing is as follows: ‘The Exordium’, ‘Awaiting Armageddon’, ‘Wave Of Annihilation’, ‘The Fall Of Eden’, ‘Chemical Reaction’, ‘A Casket For The Soul’, ‘Rise To Power’, ‘Visions Of Violence’, ‘From Wrath To Ruin’, ‘Abysmal Gods’ and ‘Shadow Of Obliteration’. You can check out an mp3 file of the opener at www.conquestmusic.com.

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