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February 28, 2003

We recently received three new releases from Mausoleum Records, that not necessarily fit our narrowminded musical concept, but nice as we are, we figured to give them at least a little mention in this news section here. First of all there’s TECHNOCRACY‘s self-titled debut (49:10min), which is the new musical home of former VIO-LENCE, MACHINE HEAD, TORQUE guitarist Phil Demmel. Could be of interest to fans of the aforementioned acts as it’s also rather groovy NU Metal here, but combined with melodic vocals as well as electronic music (www.technocracynow.com). Next up is "After War" (68:30min), the third full length by Austria’s EKPYROSIS. A rather weird musical mixture, kinda like unconventional, yet technical Power / Thrash with interesting guitarwork, almost proggy sounding keyboards and vocals full of anger (www.ekpyrosis.com). Last, but not least, my personal fave out of the three, AFTER ALL‘s fourth album "Mercury Rising" (44:28min). These guys from Belgium almost come across like a thrashy NWOBHM act, have got a nice Kris Verwimp coverart, a production courtesy of Harris Johns, two bonus videos, as well as ‘Black God White Devil’, a cover song by LA MUERTE (www.listen.to/afterall). All further info you also may get directly from Mausoleum Records.

February 26, 2003

Dutch melodic Death / Thrashers DETONATION have signed a 3-album deal with Osmose. The debut full-length "An Epic Defiance" was recorded in Excess Studios, Rotterdam (NL) at the end of 2002 and contains 12 songs of blasting melodic Death / Thrash in the Swedish vein. Expect a summer 2003 release.

On March 10, 2003 Nocturnal Art Productions will be releasing a limited edition (1000 copies only!) ZYKLON / RED HARVEST split 7" EP. The bands material got remixed by UK artist OCD (VOID) for that. To quote the label here: "Extreme Metal transferred into a mix of dark distorted noise and hard-hitting underground club music." ZYKLON hits the studio this month. Their new album will be out on Candlelight Records in September.

"Posthuman", the debut album by UK’s VOID will see the light of day on April 07.

Norway’s LIMBONIC ART have split up. For more details, check out: www.limbonic.com

The new AETERNUS album "A Darker Monument" will be released by Nocturnal Art Productions on April 07.

GOD DETHRONED just released the following press statement regarding the cancellation of their shows in Slovenia: "GOD DETHRONED would like to apologize to all the Italian and Slovenian fans who came to see the shows we were supposed to do with The Crown. We would like to state that we really wanted to play those shows, but due to a lack of professionalism of the tour promoter we were unable to show up. The simple reason for this is the flight tickets never got sent to the band. After several excuses of the promoter the final (and most ridiculous) excuse was that the UPS truck was involved in an accident and burned out totally with (of course) our flight tickets inside. Now the guy promises us to send us the money for the shows, which of course will also never happen. God Dethroned are very dissappointed about not being able to perform for our Italian and Slovenian fans, but this was totally beyond our control! We hope to see you next time on tour!On behalf of God Dethroned, Henri Sattler."

Here’s a little update on THE CROWN‘s latest tour activities, courtesy of Marko himself: "Let me first start by telling you that the 2 Italian shows we did was fucking excellent. Very cool. A big Grazie to the bands and fans we met. But the Slovenian experience was a big fucking mess. Here’s the story: We came to the border and were denied getting into the country. The reason was that we didn’t have documents from the Swedish and Italian government saying that we were the owners of our equipment. Let me tell you one thing, we have played in 17 countries (EU and non EU countries) and NEVER had a problem like this before. So we decided to go to a second border. And we were denied again to enter the country. And this time NOT cause of the equipment but simply cause they didn’t want us to get in. SO… we decided to try a THIRD border. And surprise surprise, they let us in with no problems, they didn’t even want any documents. But then they decided to not let in the opening acts, and all the backline (drums, amplifiers etc.) were in their bus. So we waited 4-5 hours on the border hoping that they would let them in. We asked our tourmanager to contact the Slovenian promotor and beg him to provide some drums and amps for us. At this point we were prepared to do a show with one cymbal only if necessary. But the reply was that the promotor couldn’t get us any kind of instruments. We were REALLY looking forward to do these two sold-out shows. We even planned to record them on video. The bottomline is, we had to go back to Italy and cancel these two shows. Very fucking frustrating, but what could we do? The border acted like they could do whatever they wanted to. And the fucked up thing is that we heard that people had traveled from Croatia and Austria to see us perform. Trust me, we are as sorry as you that we couldn’t play. This cancellation was TOTALLY beyond our control!!!"

February 25, 2003

DISMEMBER is currently working very hard at Sami Studio in Stockholm, Sweden to record their upcoming full-length album "Where Ironcrosses Grow". The cover artwork will be created by Dan Seagrave (a.o. Entombed, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and the first Dismember album). The release of the album is scheduled for September through Hammerheart Records. According to drummer and co-producer Fred Estby the new album will rip people’s heads off. Two new songtitles are ‘Chasing The Serpent’ and ‘Me-God’. Furthermore the band is already confirmed for this year’s Wacken Open Air and Fuck The Commerce festivals.

February 24, 2003

The BANG YOUR HEAD OPEN AIR billing for 2003 looks like this: TWISTED SISTER, DIO, THIN LIZZY, HAMMERFALL, U.D.O., SODOM, OVERKILL, HYPOCRISY, Y&T, DOKKEN, TNT, ANNIHILATOR, MASTERPLAN, BRAINSTORM, PINK CREAM 69, AMON AMARTH, ROB ROCK, AXXIS, BITCH, ANGEL WITCH, DESTRUCTOR and HIRAX. As usual, it will take place in Balingen, Germany at the 27th & 28th of June. The warm-up gig at the 26th of June will feature STORMWITCH, DESTRUCTOR and HIRAX. There will be a club show on Friday as well, the details haven’t been figured out yet. www.bang-your-head.de

RESURRECTED are about to release a DVD this summer including live material and "on the road" footage. The title is not quite sure yet, the cover will be done by David Kempf from Germany .

DEEDS OF FLESH will start recording their new album, to be entitled "Reduced To Ashes" in about a week time from now. The album will be in the vein as their latest album "Mark Of The Legion" but in general more brutal. Expect this new album to be out this summer. The band will hit the road again in Europe along with the likes of Severe Torture (NL), Dying Fetus (US) and Hate Eternal (US) in September.

It has been almost three months since NECRONOMICON completed their debut Canadian tour. After three weeks on the road with local mates Kataklysm and Blood Of Christ, the "Canadian Extreme Tour" was considered a great success for everyone, with lots of good times, great people and much Metal. Further touring plans are scheduled for the upcoming months, in both American and European Territories. Necronomicon is currently focusing on the follow-up to "Pharaoh Of Gods" and entered the recording studio on February 1st. Entitled "The Sacred Medicines", the album will be recorded in the band’s hometown region of the Saguenay, in North Eastern Quebec and will be produced by Rob "the Witch" himself.

NAPALM DEATH bassist Shane Embury posted the following update at www.enemyofthemusicbusiness.com recently: "As you know we have been blasting around the States with NILE and co. At the moment I’m staying with an old friend of mine who you may know – Kevin Sharp of BRUTAL TRUTH fame. He came out to drive us around for the last week of the tour as a favour and (now we are) discussing the idea of a new project. It’s looking very promising".

CANNIBAL CORPSE have added two Greek dates to the itinerary for their upcoming European tour, kicking off on April 17th at Live Arena in Munster, Germany. The new dates are May 3rd at Gagarin in Athens and 4th at Hydrogios in Thessaloniki.

The DEICIDE, AMON AMARTH, BEHEMOTH, REVENGE and VEHEMENCE tour is set to begin on March 9th in Irvington, NJ.

OPETH won the Swedish Grammy in the Best Hard Rock category for their "Deliverance" album at the 2003 Grammisgala, which was held on February 18 in Stockholm, Sweden.

CATTLE DECAPITATION will begin filming their music video for the title track ‘To Serve Man’ in March. They will be filming the live segments at the following shows: Saturday, February 22nd at Tilly’s in Tijuana, Mexico and Friday, March 7th at Soma in San Diego, CA.

The METAL FOR CANCER benefit for Tony "Bones" Hernandez will be held at The Garage (4519 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood) on Saturday, March 1st. AGENT STEEL will be headlining, joined by INFAMY, NOKTURNE and SCARRED. The evening will host the world-debut of Jim Durkin’s (DREAMS OF DAMNATION / ex – DARK ANGEL) second Thrash band, PAGAN WAR MACHINE, featuring Steve Gaines (bass / vocals), Marcelo Lima and Jim Durkin on guitars, and "Mayhem" Mendez on drums.

CARNAL FORGE will be making their first US appearance at this year’s March Metal Meltdown in Irvington, NJ. Their new album, "The More You Suffer", is out through Century Media on April 22nd.

DEFLESHED‘s "Royal Straight Flesh" is available in Europe on LP and picture disc LP.

CRADLE OF FILTH‘s website, www.theorderofthedragon.com, report that the bands new album, "Damnation And A Day", will be released in the US on March 25th. A US tour is being planned to support the release. The bands upcoming European tour kicks off on March 23rd at the Transborder in Lyons, France and wraps up on April 23rd at Waterfront in Norwich, England.

ZYKLON have begun recording their second album in Norway. The album will be mixed at Fredman Studios in May and released on September 9th in the US.

AETURNUS‘ new album, "A Darker Monument", will be available through Nocturnal Art Productions (Candlelight in the US). It was recorded at Grieghallen Studios in Bergen, Norway and was produced by Pytten (EMPEROR, MAYHEM, ENSLAVED). The tracklisting: ‘Sword Of The Earth’, ‘Slavestate’, ‘Litany Of Ra’, ‘Soulslayer’, ‘Darkstorm’, ‘Genocide Delight’, ‘Seen Through Abhorrence Eyes’, ‘The Trident’ and ‘Sons Of War’.

MARDUK‘s "World Funeral" album is out now in Europe on LP and picture disc LP. The band have also released a 7" single for "Hearse". It’s available on regular and picture disc vinyl.

February 18, 2003

Earache is offering CARCASS‘ first two albums – "Reek Of Putrefaction" and "Symphonies Of Sickness" – on CD with the original, banned cover art for $11 (each, postage paid) through www.earache.com/store/page79.html. These extreme collages of gore have been unavailable since 1992 — replaced in the meantime by the green and purple censored covers that have saturated the market. Any fan of the music knows the original "gore covers" were the only real covers these albums ever had. Take a sneak peek at wwwearacherecords.org/news_stories/earache.html#carcass

Poland’s PYORRHOEA have added new guitarist A.D. (ex – Amok) to their line-up. The band is currently working on material for a full album. The recording session is scheduled for May 2003, and will take place in Studio Hertz. The new stuff is supposed to be "much more brutal and uncompromising…" The following tracks are already finished: ‘Anal Arousal’, ‘Desire For Torment’, ‘Half Dead Lover’ and ‘Excrements On Your Face.’ For all further info, check out the band’s website: www.pyorrhoea.org

The most recent addition to the Xtreem Music roster is the German Death Metal act MISANTHROPIC, a rather new band in the scene with only one demo released in the year 2002. The band, which features Agathodaimon’s drummer, is currently finishing the songs for their debut album "Soulreaver" due to be recorded during March, with a release date scheduled for June this year. You can already download a song from their "Demo 2002" from www.xtreemmusic.com or their own official website www.misanthropic.de

The MARYLAND DEATH FEST 2003 is confirmed for May 23 – 25 at The Thunderdome in Baltimore, Maryland. So far the lineup includes the following: ABORTED, CINERARY, CIRCLE OF DEAD CHILDREN, DEVOURMENT, INTERNAL BLEEDING, LEUKORRHEA, PYREXIA, SKINLESS and SUFFOCATION among others.

THE HAUNTED have been confirmed for the Hultsfred Festival, which takes place on June 12 – 14 in Hultsfred, Sweden.

CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s upcoming European tour kicks off on April 17th at the Live Arena in Munster (Breitenfeld), Germany. The dates wrap up on April 30th at Turku in Saatamo, Finland

Confirmed dates for VADER‘s upcoming co-headlining tour (second headliner tbc) run from April 25th at the Live Arena in Munster (Breitenfeld), Germany through May 19th. More dates and details will be announced soon.

HOUWITSER will enter Excess Studio in Rotterdam, Holland on March 28th to record their new album, "Damage Assessment". The band’s website has a new address: www.houwitser.com

AETERNUS‘ new album, "A Darker Monument", is out through Nocturnal Art Productions on April 7th in Europe. The album was recorded with producer Pytten at Grieghallen Studios.

NO RETURN have split with keysman Malko Pouchin. Meanwhile, the band have begun writing for their next album, due out in late 2003 via Kodiak.

CULT OF LUNA‘s new album, "The Beyond", is out now in Europe through Earache.

DYING FETUS are currently finishing the recording of their forthcoming Relapse full-length, "Stop At Nothing", due out in late Spring. Tracks on the release will include: ‘Schematics’, ‘One Shot, One Kill’, ‘Stop At Nothing’ and ‘Forced Elimination’.

ORIGIN drummer John Longstreth will fill the once-vacant SKINLESS drum position, playing on the bands upcoming record, "From Sacrifice To Survival", and will do subsequent tours with them. He will remain very much a part of Origin.

VITAL REMAINS new opus, "Dechristianize", will be out on April 22nd. Original member Tony Lazaro(guitar) describes the new album as, "more speed with a lot more harmonies. It’s got the brutality, but also it’s very dynamic and textured."

NIGHT IN GALES have found a new drummer in Adriano Ricci (ex – BLOOD RED ANGEL, TORTURE CHAMBER). The band is now rehearsing on a regular basis and will soon record a new demo.

QUO VADIS are presently adding finishing touches to their next effort. Engineered by producer Pierre Remillard (CRYPTOPSY, OBLIVEON), the follow-up to "Passage In Time" will appear later this year. In other news, the band will be direct support for ANONYMUS at Montreal’s Metropolis (March 21st 2003) and at the Kashmir in Quebec City (March 22nd 2003).

The final routing for the forthcoming CRADLE OF FILTH North American has been decided. Dates begin on Tuesday May 13 in Washington DC and run through to June 11 (at either Norfolk, VA or Winston Salem, NC).

February 17, 2003

Vermin of Axis of Advance will be joing REVENGE on their upcoming US tour as a session guitarist.

February 15, 2003

Evil Inc. Productions are seeking more acts to add to this year’s METAL MASSACRE FEST on April 19 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Already confirmed are: INCANTATION, EVIL INCARNATE, WACO JESUS, ENVY THE DEAD and EMESIS. If you’re interested contact the following email address: ENDofDAYS@himnosrituales.com

On February 24 Listenable Records will re-issue the rare VILE debut "Stench Of The Deceased", as a limited edition slipcase with 4 bonus tracks. The band is touring Europe in February / March.

In mid April LISTENABLE RECORDS will furthermore release the following albums: ABORTED – "Goremageddon – The Saw And The Carnage Done" (strictly limited edition slipcase of 3500 copies, with a Carcass cover as bonus track); MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – "Inhumanity" (debut album in the vein of CHILDREN OF BODOM / SOILWORK) and at the end of May, early June: LUCIFERION ("The Apostate") and EXHUMED / ABORTED (limited edition split live 10"). For further info check out: www.listenable.net

February 14, 2003

NUCLEAR DEATH are among the most extreme Metal acts that infested the underground with their hideous chaotic releases in the late 80s and early 90s. After their much praised second full length the band started recording what was to become their third full length, yet due to mysterious circumstances the recordings were never released. Up ’til recently, when US based label Extremist re-issued these raw recordings, together with rare EP tracks done in 1993. Both recording sessions will now also be done by From Beyond Productions on limited vinyl, with alternative artwork (done by Lori / vo-kills). Expected release date: late May 2003.

NECROPHAGIA will issue their upcoming new full length "The Divine Art Of Torture" on black vinyl through Displeased Records in May 2003.

In June 2003 From Beyond Productions will re-issue on CD all 1993 – 2000 single and split single tracks done by Japanese crazy bizarre twisted grinders C.S.S.O., with all ever done studio demo tracks as a bonus.

AMON AMARTH will tour the U.S. in March together with DEICIDE. Right after they will play the W.O.A. Roadshows in Germany , Austria and Switzerland and are also confirmed for a couple of summer festivals. A complete European tour is planned for later this year.

KONKHRA have recently reformed in their original line-up (Anders Lundemark – vocals / guitar, Johnny Nielsen – drums, Lars Schmidt – bass and Kim Mathiesen – guitar) and signed a worldwide deal with Code666 to release their next album "Reality Check". The album was recorded at Starstruck Studio (Entombed, The Haunted) and the tracklisting reads as follows: ‘Warmonger’, ‘The Lions Are Hungry’, ‘Reality Check’, ‘Eye Of Horus’, ‘Hellhound On My Trail’, ‘Fear Of God’, ‘The Coming Of (R)age’, ‘Grapes Of Wrath’, ‘Parasite’, ‘Day Of The Dog’, ‘Lowlife’ and ‘The Blackest Of Dawns’. The band also shot a video for the track ‘Warmonger’. "Reality Check" is scheduled for an April 2003 release. www.konkhra.com

After five years of silence, Norway’s MANES are back with a new album, a new sound and a new perspective. The label describes it in the following way: "Forget their "true Norwegian Black Metal" roots, forget their "cult" status, forget their "harsh and misanthropic" attitude – forget everything, including your prejudice and be ready to get lost forever in the new sound where Katatonia, Radiohead, Aphex Twin and David Bowie meets." "Vilosophe" will be released in April 2003 on Code666 and features the following tracks: ‘Nodamnbrakes’, ‘Diving With Your Hands Bound’, ‘White Devil Black Shroud’, ‘Terminus A Quo / Terminus Ad Quem’, ‘Death Of The Genuine’, ‘Ende’, ‘The Hardest Of Comedowns’ and ‘Confluence’.

Italy’s HANDFUL OF HATE are currently in Fear Studio to record their new album "Vicecrown", scheduled for a late spring release on Code666. It will be out in a black leather packaging designed by www.neontrinitykill.com. The tracklist: ‘Vexer’s Kult’, ‘I Hate!’, ‘Hierarch In Lust’, ‘Boldly Erected’, ‘Risen Into Abuse’, ‘Beating Violence’, ‘Dobermann’, ‘Carnal Spite (Held In Leash)’ and ‘Catharsis In Punishment’. www.handfulofhate.cjb.net

February 13, 2003

NOCTE OBDUCTA will record their next release, the MCD "Stille (Das nagende Schweigen)", at Maranis Studios in March / April 2003. The tracklist will be: ‘Die Schwäne Im Moor’, ‘Töchter Des Mondes’, Der Regen’, ‘Tage, Die Welkten’ and ‘Vorbei’. The band is finally also willing to perform several live appearances including a tour. So please keep yourself informed by visiting their website frequently: www.nocte-obducta.de

NASUM have completed work on their forthcoming record "Helvete". It was recorded in Sweden’s Soundlab Studios, with production from the band’s own Mieszko Talarczyk. The final track listing is: ‘Violation’, ‘Scoop’, ‘Living Next Door To Malice’, ‘Stormshield’, ‘Time To Discharge’, ‘Bullshit’, ‘Relics’, ‘We Curse You All’, ‘Doombringer’, ‘Just Another Hog’, ‘Drop Dead’, ‘I Hate People’, ‘Go!’, ‘The Final Sleep’, Slaves To The Grind’, ‘Breach Of Integrity’, ‘The Everlasting Shame’, ‘Your Words Alone’, ‘Preview Of Hell’, ‘Illogic’, ‘Whip’ and ‘Worst Case Scenario’. "Helvete" which will feature guest appearances from Shane Embury (Napalm Death) and Jörgen Sandström (Entombed, ex-Grave), will see a late May release via Relapse. A detailed studio report (with photos) is available to be viewed via the band’s website: www.NASUM.com. A split EP with Napalm Death will furthermore be issued soon, with NASUM covering the Napalm classic ‘Unchallenged Hate’ and Napalm Death covering NASUM’s ‘The Masked Face’, from the band’s 1998 release "Inhale / Exhale".

WITHERING SURFACE have parted ways with drummer Nikolaj Borg. The split-up has taken place on a non-dramatic level and without any animosity whatsoever. The band would like to say thanks for the times, they’ve had the last four years and wishes the best of luck to Nikolaj in the future. Nikolaj and Withering Surface guitarist Jacob Krogholt will continue working together in their Punk’n’Blues-band, The Bondage Corp. Currently Withering Surface are rehearsing with a session drummer for the upcoming live dates. The band is furthermore speaking with Andy Sneap about mixing their next album, which is due to be recorded at the Berno Studio during summer 2003.

February 11, 2003

As most of you will probably have heard by now, Poland’s Agonia Records will be releasing a limited edition 10" MLP (500 ordinary vinyl copies as well as 100 picture discs) of San Francisco’s Death Metal legend POSSESSED. The band’s frontman Jeff Becerra told us the following details about it: "It is going to be the (1984) demo, some live stuff (a better mix than the "Fallen Angels" EP) and a song from a side project that I am doing called SIDE EFFECT." In related news, Century Media will be releasing a limited edition singles boxset of the "Seven Churches" album later this year.

DEICIDE are currently hard at work in the rehearsal room writing the debut CD for Earache. Drummer Steve Asheim gives fans the lowdown: "Greetings DEICIDE fans. News from the bowels of the DEICIDE camp. Work proceeds on the new material and fans should expect a vicious and brutal release from the band sometime this summer. The new disc will contain brand new material with maybe a little surprise or two in store… Christians beware, DEICIDE will be hitting the U.S. highways this March thru April for a tour with some brutal bands from Europe so fans in the States should check their local listings and come out for the carnage. Fans in Europe should listen out for word on summer fest appearances by the band as well. Keep your ears peeled for more updates, DEI-freaks." See pics of the band in the rehearsal here: www.earacherecords.org/news_stories/deicide.html#studio

A limited edition (10.000 copies) of THE HAUNTED‘s new album "One Kill Wonder" will also be available in a ‘casebox’ edition (in the UK and Europe only). It will contain the CD wrapped in ‘police line’ tape, as well as 6 ‘suspect cards’ featuring the members of the band, all housed in a box set. The case box edition is only available from the label’s webstore: www.earache.com/store/page10.html. The band’s debut DVD "Caught On Tape" has entered the Swedish DVD midweek sales charts at Number 1 on its first week in stores. The band and Earache want to thank all their loyal fans for rushing out to purchase the DVD in such numbers. Therefore the new THE HAUNTED CD includes a bonus track ‘Creed’ only for Swedish fans.

HATE ETERNAL are at work on their first video, for the song ‘Powers That Be’ off their new album "King Of All Kings". With director Kevin Leonard at the helm, the band began shooting on February 1st in their hometown of Tampa, Florida. Hate Eternal embark on their first headlining tour, with Dying Fetus, Kataklysm and Into Eternity, on February 14th.

February 10, 2003

According to singer Tomas Lindberg (ex-AT THE GATES / ex-THE CROWN / LOCK-UP) THE GREAT DECEIVER will be finished their forthcoming album by the end of February. Watch for a spring release through Peaceville.

PYREXIA has reformed and have posted MP3s at the following site: www.mp3.com/pyrexia. The band is scheduled to appear at the the March Metal Meltdown and the Maryland Death Fest www.supremebrutality.com/fest with SKINLESS, MALIGNANCY, SUFFOCATION, DEVOURMENT, SPAWN OF POSSESSION and more. The band are currently consulting labels about the rereleasing their catalogue: "Sermon Of Mockery", "HatredAngerAndDisgust" and "System Of The Animal".

BAL-SAGOTH are writing their sixth studio album and there are plans to release a series of graphic novels set within the mythological world of the Bal-Sagoth lyrics, and a film studio based in Burbank, California is interested in producing an animated Bal-Sagoth-based fantasy film.

KRISIUN are scheduled to hit BeBop Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late February with renowned Canuck producer Pierre Rémillard (CRYPTOPSY, VOIVOD, ANVIL). The follow up to "Ageless Venomous" should see the light of day in early summer.

Maryland based Speed / Thrash Metal band AS WE DESTROY have announced the release of their debut EP on King Fowley’s (DECEASED, October 31) Battlezone Records. The EP consists of original tracks, and a cover of ‘The Evil’, originally recorded by BLOOD FEAST. The CD cover art was created by Eddie Shahini, the guitarist of DEAD BRAIN CELLS. You can email the band at AsWeDestroy666@aol.com for more info.

VEHEMENCE have been added to the upcoming North American tour featuring DEICIDE, BEHEMOTH, AMON AMARTH, and REVENGE.

AFTER DEATH, the new band of Mike Browning (ex-MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS, ACHERON drummer / vocalist) has finished recording a new demo. They also have a website at www.afterdeath666.com

SEVERE TORTURE‘s "Misanthropic Carnage" will be released in the US on March 18th via Hammerheart. A US tour is being planned for this year.

HEARSE, featuring former ARCH ENEMY vocalist Johan Liiva, release their first full-lenght album, "Dominion Reptilian", on March 18th via Hammerheart.

This year’s X-MASS FEST 2003 European tour runs from December 7th at London’s Mean Fiddler through December 21st at 013 in Tilburg, Netherlands. Acts on the bill include HYPOCRISY, DESTRUCTION, VADER, NILE, DEW-SCENTED, MISERY INDEX, DISBELIEF and another as-yet-unnamed act.

SEPTIC FLESH have parted ways with drummer Akis and keyboardist George Z and have replaced them with CASUS BELI members Fotis and Bob Katsionis. The group have also recruited touring guitarist Alex Haritakis (ENSEMBLE).

SAMAEL will headline the Metalmania festival in Katowice, Poland on April 4 and the Ostrava Fest in Ostrava, Czech Republic on April 5.

THYRFING has confirmed three dates in Finland from April 17th-19th with BARATHRUM, SKYFORGER and LUCIFERASE.

YATTERING are back with a new album, "Genocide", their debut for UK label Candlelight, due out on March 25th.

INCANTATION will soon announce dates for their "Upheaval Of Blasphemy" South American Assault Tour.

Candlelight are reissuing VED BUENS ENDE‘s "Written In Waters" album. The album, originally released through Misanthropy, will feature new artwork.

HOUWITSER will be entering Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland on March 28 to record their new album "Damage Assessment". The band’s website has a new address www.houwitser.com

REVENGE will be the opening act on the Deicide, Behemoth, Amon Amarth US tour in March and April.

February 07, 2003

MONOLITH will be playing a European tour together with THE CROWN and SKINLESS starting on March 21st, 2003. The tracklist for their upcoming album "The Apotheosis" will be: ‘Doomed To Slaughter’, ‘The Malleus Maleficarum Manuscript’, ‘Monolith Deathcult’, ‘The Forest Of Flesh’, ‘The Apotheosis’ (instrumental), ‘Cathedral Of Corpses’, ‘The Deserved Reputation Of Cruelty’, ‘Desecration Of The Black Stone’ and ‘Ancient Arena Of Death -The Colosseum Carnage’.

This year’s second edition of the EXTREME METALFEST in Brazil will take place on March 15 and feature the following acts: PANDEMIA, TOTAL FUCKIN DESTRUCTION, DROWNED, SUBTERA, NECROTÉRIO, ZÊNITE, NERVOCHAOS, IN HELL, KRUEGER, CHC and BLOOD FOR THE WOUND. For further info contact: tumba_records@uol.com.br

February 06, 2003

DEW-SCENTED will be recording their next (as of yet untitled) fifth album again with Andy Classen at Stage One Studio in Bühne, Germany. They will be starting to track the new songs around late April and then proceed with the mix by early June. The release of the album is scheduled for September 2003 via Nuclear Blast. Eight brand new songs are completely finished already, but the band is still working on some more as well as making up their minds about possible cover versions to use as special bonus tracks. A re-recording of a song from the "Ill-Natured" album is also planned, to be used as a bonus track. In related news, a DVD / video compilation release of last year’s With Full Force festival includes a live sample of DEW-SCENTED’s set (‘Life Ending Path’) and also Party-San Festival has released a live video compilation of 2002 featuring DEW-SCENTED material. All further info at: www.dew-scented.de

SCARVENGER, an old school Death / Thrash band from France (which features ex-KROMADEATH members) has passed through severe line-up changes during the last months, loosing both their drummer and bassist. By now their previous bass player is back in the band, and they are currently trying out a new drummer. The band still anticipates the recording of a demo in some months. Two live tracks can be downloaded from their website, as well as all further info: www.scarvenger.fr.st

February 05, 2003

After five years of a constant line-up bassplayer Stefan Joo has left VIU DRAKH. The band already found a replacement in Michael "Mosha" Matschonschek, who is currently preparing for the first shows in March. Viu Drakh will begin working on their sixth album very soon. The new record is going to be released in autum of 2003.

From now on you can vote on the PROFANITY website which cover song the band shall record on their next album. These are the bands that you can choose from: Atheist, Autopsy, Cynic, Gorefest, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Pestilence and Suffocation. The voting lasts until April 06, 2003. For all further details check out their website www.profanity.de.

BLOOD, Germany’s Death / Grind pioneers will release their seventh album "Dysangelium" via Morbid Records on March 17th, 2003.

March 17th will also be the release date for "Truth Beyond…", the third album of Canadas NEURAXIS, a brandnew Morbid Records signing. The album was produced at Canada’s Z-Sound Studio (GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY) and features "ultrabrutal grooves and riffs combined with technical sophistication…" Guest musicans from CEPHALIC CARNAGE among others.

On May 19, 2003 WACO JESUS will release their second album "Filth" and GREENFLY their debut "Globalization". This latter band is a project of Dani and Ramon from HAEMORRHAGE.

On July 07, 2003 new albums by PROSTITUTE DISFIGURMENT ("Deeds Of Derangement") as well as HARMONY DIES ("Impact") will see the light of day.

Also planned for a summer 2003 release is THE MORBID TWO, a low-price CD with many exclusive tracks contributed by Morbid Records bands as well as a DVD version with rare clips and live footage. Both items will be available just in time with the well-known live events.

HAEMORRHAGE have produced two video clips and work on a live video and DVD.

DISINTER will have their new video ready by summer 2003.

EVIL INCARNATE will enter Mercanary Dicital Studio (DISINTER, LIVIDITY, WACO JESUS) in March to record their new album "Waiting For His Return".

HYPNOS will most certainly be entering the studio for their third album in May. Two new songs have already been recorded at Exponent Studio in Slovakia.

LIVIDITY will definitely hit Europe between March 07 – 29, 2003. Supportacts will be MASTER, MASTIC SCUM and DAMNABLE.

OBSCENITY have been confirmed for this year’s Wacken Open Air, before they will play the Obscene Extreme Festival as well as the Milwaukee Metal Fest.

MANOS will appear at the 10 year anniversary of the WFF-Open Air.

February 04, 2003

HIRAX are currently writing songs for their new album, tentatively titled "The New Age Of Terror" and have just been confirmed to appear at this year’s ‘Bang Your Head’ festival in Germany. www.bang-your-head.de/home.htm More European tour dates will be announced soon. www.HIRAX.org

Swedish Thrashers THE CROWN, recently rejoined by original vocalist Johan Lindstrand, have booked studio time at Gotheburg’s Studio Fredman for the recording and mixing of their forthcoming album, tentatively due in early September through Metal Blade Records. The band will enter the studio on May 5 and should be "all done" by June 15. Among the tracks set to appear on the group’s as-yet-untitled CD are the following: ‘No Tomorrow’, ‘Face Of Destruction / Deep Hit Of Death’, ‘Are You Morbid?’, ‘Cold Is The Grave’, ‘Kill ‘Em All’, ‘Natashead Overdrive’, ‘Dawn Of Emptiness’ and ‘Crown Of Thorns’. According to bassist Magnus Olsfelt, "This time we are heading for the ultimate and so far it sounds very promising. The new material is pretty diverse but in general the songs have more power. Hard-hitting and straight forward, with more natural flow. So that the energy and force comes straight back to you."

February 03, 2003

OPETH have confirmed a string of Australian dates in April: 10 – The Arena – Brisbane, 11 – Corner Hotel – Melbourne, 12 – Uni Bar – Adelaide and 13 – Metro – Sydney

KREATOR and DESTRUCTION will both perform for the first time in Russia at a co-headlining gig on March 29th at Moscow’s Dynamo Sport Hall.

DEEDS OF FLESH‘s new album will be called "Reduced To Ashes" and will feature eight new tracks clocking in at over 40 minutes. Recording begins at the end of February. The band have confirmed they’ll take part in a European tour with DYING FETUS and HATE ETERNAL, scheduled for late Summer.

THE HAUNTED have confirmed gigs on April 2nd (The Boroeg – Rotterdam, NETH) and May 3rd (Southern Discomfort Festival – Kristiansand, NOR).

SINISTER are currently recording their new album, "Savage Or Grace?", in Excess Studios in Rotterdam, Holland. The album is out through Nuclear Blast on May 12th. Tracks on the release will include: ‘Dominion’, ‘Collapse Rewind’, ‘Righteous Indignations’ and ‘The Age Of Murder’. In other news, the band will play Mexico City’s Circo Volador on March 22nd.

DARKANE have been added to the list of performers appearing at the Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg, Sweden. The festival takes place June 6 – 8, with Darkane set to perform on June 7th.

VOMITORY will play at the Motala Metal Festival in Motala / Sweden on April 19th. Other acts performing include VADER, TANKARD, STORMWARRIOR, FINNTROLL, EVERYGREY, PARAGON and AUTOPSY TORMENT. Check out the festival’s website at: www.tpl.se/misc/metalfest.htm

To hold fans over until the next new KRISIUN album, the band’s live DVD, "Live Armageddon", will be released later this year.

SATYRICON‘s upcoming European tour will now include a stop in Russia on March 29th at DKG in Moscow.

DEICIDE, AMON AMARTH and BEHEMOTH are said to be hooking up for a North American tour that will be begin in early March.

SAMAEL guitarist / vocalist Vorph had to be operated on recently for a broken fibula. Although eleven screws are keeping it together, the accident never affected his participation in the already running tour with CATHEDRAL and WITHOUT FACE.

OLD MAN’S CHILD‘s "In Defiance Of Existence" has entered Norway’s National Chart at #34.

Swedish Death / Black Metallers STORMRIDER are recording their first album at Abyss Studios. A May release through Destructive Records is expected.

AMON AMARTH will kick off their US tour on March 7th at the New Jersey Metalfest. Other acts on the tour include DEICIDE, BEHEMOTH and a support act. A full list of tour dates will be announced shortly at amonamarth.com/.

LEUKORRHEA are currently writing material for their new album, "Breeding Salvation", due out in June. The band have written 14 songs for the disc, which will clock in at about 45 minutes. It will likely feature a re-recorded track from their "Hatefucked And Tortured" release (which will be reissued in early March) and possibly some video footage and CDROM material.

Avantgarde Music have reissued a remastered version of ULVER‘s "Nattens Madrigal" album.

ANCIENT has started working on their fifth album for Metal Blade. It will be recorded in the studio of producer Jacob Hansen (who also did "Proxima Centauri") in the very south of Denmark this summer. The line-up is the same as on the last album, though Deadly Kristin is moving to the USA this spring. An album-title hasn’t been set yet. The band will be taking some small breaks in the writing process and do some concerts around Europe in March and April, as well as a trip to South America where possibly some live-recordings will take place. For further info check the bands official website: www.ancientband.com