April 01, 2004

DHG‘s Mr Fixit and DARKTHRONE‘s Fenriz will be featured in a ‘Black Metal – 10 years later’ article in the forthcoming issue of UK’s magazine, "Bizarre" where current managing editor, Matt Potter traces the development of the genre. Whilst DHG are still busy recording the follow up to 1999’s ‘666 International’, Darkthrone are getting themselves ready to enter the studio and start on their new album, ‘Sardonic Wrath’. "I’m currently under a lot of stress with all my DJing jobs, including Inferno next week", blurts out Fenriz during a quick telephone conversation. "But that’s our 12th album, you know. It’s another breakfast. We are not changing anything drastically music-wise but we are changing the studio this time. We are changing the studio like people change underwear." What, once a year? "I hope not", he chuckles. "I have written three songs and Nocturno Culto has four. It will be another Darkthrone album, you know?" ‘Sardonic Wrath’ is out in September.

THORNS‘ video, for the track ‘Vortex’, taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, is one of the most voted music videos on Norwegian national TV station, NRK’s Metal show, SVISJ (every Tue from midnight till 3am). Nr. 18 to be precise, against a total of 78 other visual offerings. Produced and directed by acclaimed multimedia artist, Halvor Bodin, the video features a professional male dancer (Kyrre Texnæs) doing naughty things to himself. Is it a figment of the viewer’s imagination? "The subject of the video only appears to be having sex with himself", confirms Bodin. "For me, it is an image of the limit for the human power and spirit…" Screened at a variety of exhibitions, including ‘Visueltdagene’ in Oslo (NOR), ‘Interface To God’ in Kiel (GER), ‘Norsk Form’ in Oslo in 2002 and ‘Clash Of Clans Film and Kultur’ festival in Berlin (GER) the following year, ‘Vortex’ won a prize at the Norwegian Animation Awards, ‘Visuelt’ in 2003.

Necroharmonic Records would like to announce the following upcoming releases: ABSCESS – "Thirst For Blood… Hunger For Flesh" (Demos, EPs compilation), FATAL – Demos / EP CD, GOREMENT – Discography CD, ROTTREVORE – Demos / EPs CD, CORPSE MOLESTATION – Demos / Unreleased stuff CD, CREMATORY (SWE) – Demos CD… A lot of great shit from the old school crypt.

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