March 13, 2004

THE CHASM have finally set up a recording date to start the production of the new album "The Spell of Retribution" (tentative title), on April 19th. The record will be tracked down at Soto Sound Studios in Palatine, IL and produced by Daniel Corchado. THE CHASM have written ten new songs with an approximate running time of 65 minutes. Some final songtitles are: ‘Fortress’, ‘Conqueror And Warlord’ and ‘Manifest My Intervention’. This is supposed to be "the most conceptual album (lyrical-wise speaking) THE CHASM has created". The majority of the songs is dealing with the excruciating process of ones search for the relics of an honorable past, gaining and recollecting strength from the ecstasy of lost and memorable travels (in mind and spirit) and re-constructing a vicious and undying force to decimate the scum that surround the spirit of those who still walk strong and proud. If everything goes as planned the release date for the album will be on announced shortly. For all further info, check out the band’s website:

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