March 25, 2005

HEADHUNTER D.C. have just issued the following official press statement regarding their exclusion on the POSSESSED tribute "Seven Gates Of Horror": "HEADHUNTER D.C. from Brazil would like to express here all their indignation against the Dutch label Karmageddon Media (ex-infamous Hammerheart Records) for the non-inclusion of the band on the POSSESSED tribute entitled "Seven Gates of Horror". The label, in the person of Mr. Guido Heijnens, alleges that the recording of ‘Twisted Minds’ made by HEADHUNTER D.C. exclusively to be featured on the tribute album "wasn’t sactisfatory for its inclusion on the tribute", but came up to include on the compilation some not so good recordings just for being made by "renowned bands in the scene", or better said, (of course) American or European bands that don’t come to the point to be mentioned here. Curiously the label also interposed the participation of another Brazilian band on the tribute, MYSTIFIER – being them and HEADHUNTER D.C. the only two bands from South America who would appear on the compilation -, showing their total prejudice against Brazilian and South American bands. HEADHUNTER D.C. has confirmed its appearance on the POSSESSED tribute in late ’99, the year in which the homage was idealized by Arthur Wroblewsky, owner of the Polish label Immortal Records (later No Mercy Music), who in that occasion was in charge of the tribute release – thence you can have an idea of the long time the band have waited for it. After too much delay and Mr. Arthur’s disappearance without any explanation, all the bands involved in the project were contacted again and asked to send all the material once more, but this time the label responsible for the tribute release was Dark Realm Records, from the States, under approval of Jeff Becerra himself, bassist / vocalist of the almighty POSSESSED. The whole material was sent again and with that more and more money has been spent (as well as all the money invested on the recordings, which the band has never got back), however the delay continued. After 5 years of wait it was known that the tribute had been finally released, this time through the new Dutch label Karmageddon Media and WITHOUT the participation of HEADHUNTER D.C. with the classic ‘Twisted Minds’, for the total deception and consequent indignation of the band members and its fans & admirers. E-mails have been sent to Dark Realm Recs. asking about the non-inclusion of the band on the tribute, however without any sign of reply – they, who were our long time contact, friends and Unholy Death Metal partners (and hopefully they still are), besides seemingly being Latin Americans – or at least Latin descendants. It’s really a pity that there are still attitudes like that in the Metal underground scene, proving that, even yet very disguised, the prejudice still exists. We have appeared on several tribute albums in these last years (i.e. MORBID ANGEL and KREATOR tributes on Dwell Records, SODOM tribute also on Dwell, but not released yet, and DORSAL ATLANTICA tribute on Brazilian Rock Shop Records) and NEVER had any kind of problem, not mentioning that all our cover versions have always been hailed by the press – and all the songs were recorded in the same studio. Finally, let us send a mighty "die in heaven with your god!!!" to the (ir)responsible ones for this release, and say to the fans, Death Cult followers, to check the HEADHUNTER D.C.’s version for ‘Twisted Minds’ – which was very eulogized by Jeff Becerra – on the American issue of "… And The Sky Turns To Black…(The Dark Age Has Come)" CD via Mercenary Musik / World War III, or even still on its Brazilian re-issue on Dying Music Records which will be unleashed soon. Listen to it and draw your own conclusions. By the way, POSSESSED lives eternally, and you, posers, scream out in fright! KILL THEM PIGS!!!"

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