May 06, 2005

After a short period of silence Necroharmonic Productions have returned with two more very cool compilation CDs of classic demo material: FATAL‘s "Retrospective From Hell" (which is already out) and ROTTREVORE‘s "Disembodied" (should be available shortly). New releases are furthermore in the works from BLOOD STORM ("Sirian Storm") as well as from the reformed GOREAPHOBIA. The band recently recorded two tracks originally from 1990 (that never made it to their demo or 7" EP back then) as well as two brand new tracks. This will be combined with the "Morbidious Pathology" demo and some more items. Also signed to Necroharmonic now is ANATOMIA from Japan (featuring ex-members of Transgressor, with a release planned for the fall) and Germany’s GUT (their brand new full length "The Cumback" will be out in the summer). More upcoming releases will include material by CORPSE MOLESTATION, MUCUPURULENT, THE RAUNCHOUS BROTHERS, DRIPPING and more.

Approximately four years after its first re-release via Mercenary Musik / WWIII, HEADHUNTER D.C.‘s "… And The Sky Turns To Black…" album is going to be re-issued through Brazil’s Dying Music Records ( once again. The material was remastered in the States for this and the re-issue will feature no less than 5 bonus tracks (covers of Possessed, Sodom, Kreator, Morbid Angel and Dorsal Atlântica), an extra slipcase cover and unpublished photos. It is scheduled for a June 2005 release. No confirmed news about the long overdue CD re-release of the band’s "Punishment At Dawn" album yet, but chances are that this is also going to happen after all through the band’s original label Cogumelu Records in mid 2005. Apart from that, HEADHUNTER D.C. are going to enter the studio within the next days to record ‘Slaughtered Remains’ for the Necrovore tribute LP on From Beyond Productions. There’s also plans to record a brandnew track as well as the Sanctifier track ‘Cycle Of The Entity’ for a planned split 7" on Legion of Death. For all further info check out their website at

Magick Records (a division of the L.A. based Cleopatra Label Group) has licensed the still current BURDEN OF GRIEF album "Fields Of Salvation" for North America. This also features a live version of ‘Reborn’ as a bonus track.

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