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October 29, 2005

MCB ENTERTAINMENT LLC is a new Philadelphia based company focusing on dark underground entertainment. The label’s first release was a career spanning 9 track compilation of tracks from Blood Storm (two demos, 3 new remixes and four album cuts) that came out just before the band embarked on the "Hellstorm of Unholy Legions" tour with Kult Ov Azazel. In addition to reissuing Blood Storm’s back catalog on two double CD sets they will also be releasing their first ever live album (recorded the first night of the tour). "Most of Blood Storm’s work has been available only from small distros in the past, and the releases (on the labels end) have been sub par: no promotion, not even a bar code in most cases", label owner Mike C. Bilinski recently told us. "Our mission is to bring this incredible underground music to a wider audience without diluting the content." As previously reported, next up on the label will be a After Death compilation CD, featuring all of their demos (two mixes of the "Reviving The Gods" demo, one by Erik Rutan and one by Jon Oliva as well as a new track with Mezzadurus of Blood Storm). For all further info make sure to check out their official website at www.mcbtv.net

October 27, 2005

Additionally to the REVENANT CD news, mainman Hank Veggian just informed us about the following: "I have contributed vocal tracks to the forthcoming CD from Dim Mak. I sing on three songs ‘Incident At The Temple Of Leng’, ‘Knives Of Ice’ and ‘The Great Worm Of Hell’ (I recite some of Crowley’s poetry on that last one). It is a brutal record and unlike the previous two in terms of style and sound. The label Willowtip Records will release it. It was an honor to collaborate with them, as the band contains three former members of the legendary Ripping Corpse."

Xtreem Records has just released "The Burning Ground", the long-awaited anthology of classic REVENANT demo recordings and unreleased material. The CD includes a booklet that contains rare photographs of REVENANT and other bands of the NY / NJ Death scene of the late 80s and 90s, an essay by Hank Veggian, as well as rare artwork, flyers, and live photographs. The CD was mixed by REVENANT’s long-time producer Rick Dierdorf (’93 demo, "Overman" MCD), who emerged from retirement just for this release. It was mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering, who followed up his excellent work on the "Overman" MCD with this longer and more brutal project. The CD track listing is as follows: ‘The Faithless’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘The Burning Ground’, ‘Exalted Being’, ‘Infinite Reality’, ‘Distant Eyes’, ‘Asphyxiated Time’, ‘Degeneration’, ‘Intro / Futures End’, ‘Fear’, ‘Cataleptic Spirits’, ‘Transcending A World Of Shadow’, ‘Tyrannical Nightmare’ and ‘The Unearthly’ (live in Den Bosch, Holland, December 1991). For ordering information check out www.xtreemmusic.com. If you live in the U.S., Canada or Latin America, you can order the CD directly from the band by contacting them through www.revenant.ws. But you better hurry up as they only have a limited supply of copies.

On the 25th of November From Beyond Productions is going to release PENTACLE‘s "Archaic Undead Fury" EP. The format changed from 7" to 10" but it will still contain a A3 – sized poster. 1.000 copies will be printed, with a possible CD release after the vinyl copies are sold out. It’ll feature two songs: ‘A Hellish Descend’, which was the first song PENTACLE wrote after their "Ancient Death" MCD and ‘Blast Them From The Sky’, their most recent song. Both were recorded at Harrow Productions during the "Under the Black Cross" sessions. For more info head to www.pentacle.nl

Ex – MORBID ANGEL, INCUBUS, NOCTURNUS and ACHERON drummer Mike Browning is currentling compiling a compilation CD of his demo recordings with AFTER DEATH, which should be out on MCB Records before the end of the year. For more info check out www.afterdeath666.com

October 24, 2005

Swedish technical Death Metal outfit SPAWN OF POSSESSION have signed a multiple album deal with Neurotic Records. The band will utilize Pama Studios in Kristianopel Sweden once again together with highly acclaimed producer Magnus Sedenberg for an intense period somewhere between January and February 2006. The band is expected to tour right after the expected late winter / early spring release of the as of yet untitled new record. SPAWN OF POSSESSION will not only re-visit familiar territories, but will also expand to newer, untouched ones in support for this album. This follow-up to 2003’s "Cabinet" album will be even more technical, but at the same time it consists of more grooving and recognizable parts, while also being more epical approached all over. The writing process is in full progress, and so far about half a full length’s worth of material has been completed. The lyrical approach, music and artwork will all benefit the reflection of a concept based on a, what at this point is best described as, "surreal ghost story". For more info go to www.neurotic-records.com

October 22, 2005

Norway’s EMPEROR will make a one off return to the stage at next year’s Wacken Open Air Festival. Here’s an official statement from the band regarding this event: "Emperor’s return! Greetings, Metalheads of the world! We are proud to announce that Emperor will headline Wacken Open Air 2006. Join us, as we re-enter the nightside to chant anthems of equilibrium, fire and demise! Emperial regards, Ihsahn, Samoth and Trym"

October 18, 2005

PENTACLE is currently negotiating with another label to release the "Archaic Undead Fury" EP as Metal War Productions has dropped this project. Mike’s injury is getting better but progress is slow and for this year he will not play any live gigs.

ATOMKRAFT, featuring former VENOM vocalist / MANTAS bassist Tony Dolan, will be releasing a new EP entitled "Are You Looking At Me?" in November. It will contain the tracks ‘Dead Again!’, ‘Kristalnacht’, ‘Cold Sweat’ (THIN LIZZY cover) and ‘Gripped’. ATOMKRAFT’s new full length album, entitled "I Couldn’t Give A Fuck!", is due to be released some time next year.

Napalm Records has posted an audio sample for the new version of FALKENBACH‘s ‘Heralder’ track, which will be included on the band’s new album, "Heralding The Fireblade", out through the label on November 25th. Check out the track at this location. "Heralding The Fireblade" includes the following tracklisting: ‘Heathen Foray’, ‘Of Forests Unknown’, ‘Havamal’, ‘Roman Land’, ‘Heralder’, ‘Laeknishendr’, ‘Walkiesjar’, ‘Skirnir’ and ‘Gjallar’.

According to the official DEATH website Nuclear Blast Records will release the DVD, "Death: Live In Cottbus" these days. It will include all the press pictures from the "The Sound Of Perseverance" – era (1998) as well. Also, a new deluxe edition of "The Sound of Perseverance" will contain "Live In Cottbus" as a bonus DVD. The "Live In Cottbus" tracklist will be the same as 2001’s "Live In LA (Death & Raw)", which is as follows: ‘Intro / The Philosopher’, ‘Spirit Crusher’, ‘Trapped In A Corner’, ‘Scavenger Of Human Sorrow’, ‘Crystal Mountain’, ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’, ‘Zero Tolerance’, ‘Zombie Ritual’, ‘Suicide Machine’, ‘Together As One’, ‘Empty Words’, ‘Symbolic’ and ‘Pull The Plug’.

INCANTATION frontman John McEntee has posted the following message on the band’s official website: "We have just returned from Europe and the Harvest Festivals with NILE, UNLEASHED, PUNGENT STENCH, BEHEMOTH and BELPHEGOR. The festival tour was a great success, the shows were some of the best we have ever done in Europe. All the bands and crew did a fantastic job every night, it was a great experience for us. We want to thank Metallysee, World Management, Listenable and everyone else involved that made the tour a great experience. Also many hails go out to all the Metalheads that came out and showed their support every night!!! We have officially been picked up by Century Media Records for North America after the closing of Olympic Recordings do to some issues with the United States Olympic Committee. The writing process is in full swing for the eighth INCANTATION studio album, still untitled. We are looking to record early spring next year for a fall 2006 release."

October 11, 2005

Displeased Records just informed us that INFINITED HATE has NOT split-up! It’s just that Rachel is no longer part of the band and Aad took over the vocals completely. They already have 3 songs for their third album finished and Dirk is once again confirmed to play the drums on it.

October 10, 2005

Drummer Alf Kluge unfortunately left Germany’s Death squadron FEARER this past weekend. The band is currently looking for a replacement. Skilled skin bashers who are interested to fill in Alf’s shoes can contact the band via their website www.fearer.de

October 08, 2005

After only two albums released it seems that INFINITED HATE is already history again (not officially confirmed though). Rachel recently informed us that she’s no longer part of the band (and currently in the process of forming her own band), while Aad has reformed SINISTER. Originally the new band was supposed to be called NO FACE SLAVE, but as they weren’t able to secure a record deal with that moniker, they decided to go back to SINISTER again. The line-up features old SINISTER members and Aad is handling the vocals. More info on this soon.

October 06, 2005

OBEISANCE has finished recording and mixing their new album "Unholy, Unwholesome And Evil" at Marching Plague Studios with CJ Holguin at the production helm. The band is currently looking for a label to release it as they’ve parted ways with their former company due to musical differences. They also own the rights to "Lucifer Master" as the CD was never released outside the US, so the band wishes to license that (as well as the unreleased full lengths "Hellbent On Slaughter" and "Infierno Eterno") to as many countries as possible. A CD-R single ("Slaughter In The Holy Cities") is currently available for $3 US / $5 world from Sick Records, 321 Buenavista, El Paso, TX 79905, USA. Musically OBEISANCE describe themselves as a mixture of classic BATHORY, SODOM and HELLHAMMER with additional influences from POSSESSED, REPULSION and INSANITY (S.F.). For further info contact them at obeisance666@hotmail.com

After a longer period of silence, Germany’s CHAOS MAGAZINE is back with a new issue. Vol. 13 features interviews with the likes of CARCASS, DISMEMBER, GRAVE, UNLEASHED, OBITUARY, EVOCATION, DARK TRANQUILLITY, UNEARTH, AMON AMARTH, DECEIVER / MAZE OF TORMENT, INCAPACITY, ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET (ex – THE CROWN), PAGANIZER / RIBSPREADER, SANCTIFICATION / IN BATTLE, TORCHBEARER and VOMITORY. Additionally there’s some specials like the infamous MOOSE TEST, the GÖTEBORG DEATH MIX (featuring members of ARCH ENEMY, THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILLITY and NIGHTRAGE) as well as 666 reviews and two free CDs (a Century Media Records ARCH ENEMY / NEVERMORE split-CD and a 19-track MDD underground compilation). 80 pro-printed (on high quality paper) A4 pages in total. Available for 5,- Euro (Germany) or USD 7,- (rest of the world) at: CHAOS MAGAZINE, Wormser Str. 40, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany, frank.schenk@schwaben.de

October 05, 2005

According to NolaUnderground.com ex – SOILENT GREEN singer Glenn Rambo and his mother were found dead in their home in Violet, Louisiana last Saturday. Ex – girlfriend Stacy discovered the bodies after she hadn’t heard anything back from Glenn ever since hurricane ‘Katrina’. Glenn (who obviously had broken a leg) and his familiy were living in rather poor circumstances and didn’t have a car to get away from the hurricane in time. Rest In Peace, Glenn!

NYC’s SUN DESCENDS parted ways with their drummer, Ojayy. The band was experiencing problems with Ojayy during the recording sessions of their full-length CD, "Incinerating The Meek", scheduled to be released 02/06, via www.twilight-distribution.com. SUN DESCENDS finally decided to let Ojayy go due to his lack of commitment to the band. Mem: "You can only be in this band if you give it 150%, otherwise SUN DESCENDS is not the place where people can coast. Ojayy is a good guy and we wish him the best for the future but it’s all about the work ethic." Ojayy’s replacement is Chris Torre from Staten Island, New York! Pics & bio soon on SUN DESCENDS site. The band is currently auditioning a 2nd guitarist for their up coming Euro tour in 06. SUN DESCENDS has also just finished shooting their first video clip for the song ‘Intercepting Daggers’, which will be featured as bonus on the new CD release! More info at www.sundescends.com, www.myspace.com/sundescends.

October 01, 2005

HELLPIKE # 15 finally got released. The newest issue features interviews with IMPALED NAZARENE, INQUISITION, ISVIND, UNCREATION’S DAWN, LUROR, TRIMONIUM, OLD, ANAL VOMIT, WOD, WAFFENWEIHE, BLASPHEMIC LUST, WOLFTHORN, VICTIMIZER, SIN IS THERE ‘zine, RAZOR OF OCCAM and TEPHERET as well as more than 175 long and detailed reviews (96 pages in total). It sells for 5 Euro / 6$ (postage paid already), and the first 100 copies include a poster. Available at this address: HELLPIKE zine, Grabenstr. 17, 56575 Weissenthurm, Germany, email: HELLPIKE@gmx.de or from the following mailorder companies: BLASPHEMOUS UNDERGROUND (France), UNDERCOVER RECORDS and IRON PEGASUS (Germany). HELLPIKE # 11 – 14 are still available for 10 Euro (all together), or 4 Euro each. HELLPIKE # 16 will be out on December 5, 2005.