July 12, 2007

August will see the release of the picture disc version of PENTACLE‘s last album "Under The Black Cross" on Iron Pegasus Records. This release will feature new cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans. The picture disc will be accompanied by a big format booklet including the lyrics (for the very first time). The band hopes to present this release at their upcoming gig with SADISTIC INTENT and NECROS CHRISTOS at the Ballroom in Hamburg, Germany on Sunday, August the 5th.

Swedish KATALYSATOR recently changed their name to INVIDIOUS and with this change they opened a new myspace-account at www.myspace.com/invidiousdeathmetal including the following entry in their blogsection: "INVIDIOUS is exactly the same band as KATALYSATOR, but with a different purpose. With the first KATALYSATOR tape we only wanted to play old-sounding Death Metal. But now we have understood that it is so much more and with the "Mass Genocide Ritual" tape we wanted to go further, we wanted to explore the Metal of Death. With this new demo we feel that we have created something really disgusting and fucked up, great shit. We feel just like a new, ugly, rotten band with this tape, and that is exactly what we now have become… INVIDIOUS." KATALYSATOR’s 2nd demo "Mass Genocide Ritual" is sold out now, so let’s hope that INVIDIOUS will release something pretty soon.

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