July 16, 2007

PRIMORDIAL will enter the studio in July and August to record the new album. "We are travelling across the water to Wales to the middle of nowhere to an old analog studio", says vocalist Alan. "There isn’t a working title yet for the album and in typical PRIMORDIAL style there is a lot of work to be done on the songs but with a bit of luck and the Gods blessing we will pull the Iron out of the Fire once more. And with the blessing of Metal Blade it should be out in 2007." Sentinel Records from Ireland are going to release "The Gathering Wilderness" on picture disc, No Sign of Life from Finland Dark Romanticism and Black Ace from Holland look like doing "Storm Before Calm" on picture disc with some revised and improved artwork all before the end of the year. "I am also going to release a split 7" with a project I wrote some songs for called PLAGUED. I recorded a 2 track demo about 5 or more years ago. Finally Einheit Productions from Germany have persuaded me to release one track as a split 7" with Trimonium. I’m interested to see what people make of it. I’ll put the track up there on my myspace site soon. How very 21st century of me… I might continue now and try and forge a proper line-up for the band with this shot in the arm of enthusiasm. We shall see." For more info check out the band’s official website www.primordialweb.com.

And another change in the PARTY.SAN FESTIVAL billing: DEICIDE will be replaced by MALEVOLENT CREATION. The band will release their new album "Doomsday X" in August and exclusively perform material from that record at the festival. Their current line-up reads as follows: Jon Rubin – guitars, Phil Fasciana – guitars, Dave Culross – drums, Jason Blachowicz – bass and Brett Hoffmann – vocals. www.party-san.de

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