April 05, 2008

METAL RIP OFF COMMUNITY is a brand new internet-portal where any interested person can register and add information about a label, band or individual. You can check it out at www.metalripoff.info

SATHANAS have signed a deal with Dreamtide Booking. A European tour is already planned for September. More info will soon be posted at: www.myspace.com/dreamtidemusic.

A Thrash Metal compilation tape called DIRTY BUSINESS VOL. I will be released through Face Fate Records from Belgium at the end April. More info you may find at: www.myspace.com/thrashingjerry

SNAKEPIT MAGAZINE issue # 16 has just been released and as usual features the most in depth interviews you will ever read anywhere, this time with Metal masters such as AFTERMATH, AGGRESSION (CAN), ANGUS, APOCALYPSE (U.K.), ARCHENEMY (L.A.), CHEMIKILL, CYNIC, DEATH FORCE, DEATH STRIKE, DEVASTATION (IL), EXHORDER, FIRESTORM, HELL, JJ’S POWERHOUSE, MASTER, SARDO, SCEPTRE, SINDROME, TRANSGRESSOR, VERMIN, AGENT STEEL (with original drummer Chuck Proffus), CRUCIFIED MORTALS, FIRELAND, GAUNTLET, INFERNAL MAJESTY, HIBRIA, RAZOR (with bassist Mike Campagnolo), SEPTER, THRUSTOR, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, a label special about Rave On Records and a bunch of very critical and honest reviews. 114 pages in total, entirely written in English, pro-printed again and exclusively distributed by NWN! Productions. Each issue comes with a free DEATH DEALER two song live vinyl 7". You can order your copy here.

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