March 21, 2008

Ibex Moon Records will be releasing MASTER‘s "Slaves To Society" CD with bonus tracks this Summer. John McEntee, owner of Ibex Moon Records: "In the 80s when I started really getting into the Metal underground I would have never thought one day I would be releasing a recording by one of my favorite bands and biggest influences MASTER. For me and most other die hard underground Metallers in the 80s and early 90s understand the massive impact MASTER has had on the world of extreme Metal. Most of the extreme bands that have gone on to massive success in the early 90s wave of Death Metal would be lying if they said they weren’t affected one way or another by the powerful aggressive songs of MASTER. "Slaves To Society" is quite possibly MASTER’s most aggressive album released to date and I’m honored to be working with them." Paul Speckmann states, "This is an album that deals with the situation happening in the world today. We are all slaves of the greater machine, just slaves to society. "Slaves To Society" is the fastest and most interesting CD that MASTER has released since "On The Seventh Day…". Forget listening to the many imitators of Master. There is only one true original MASTER, and this CD "Slaves To Society" speaks for itself." Keep posted to the Ibex Moon Records website for the exact release date to be announced soon.

FUNERAL PROCESSION have finished recording, mixing, mastering and layouting the forthcoming digipak mini-CD "The Red Vine Litanies", scheduled for release later in Spring (May / June). These recordings were originally meant for a multi-split-album on Van, but since this release will not come into existence, the material will be released separately through the aforementioned label. The mini-CD will additionally be accompanied by new shirts, also manufactured by Van. To keep up with what is happening, it is therefore highly recommendable to sign up to the label’s newsletter on their newly-designed homepage The band also announced that currently there are FUNERAL PROCESSION bootleg logo patches being sold via ebay and similar channels which are of very low quality. These were not manufactured with the consent of the band, and anybody can only be advised not to buy these. New buttons and patches (for the first time) were planned for a long time and should be available in Spring through the band’s label Van, which should be the first place to look for genuine band-related things. For more info check out

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