April 07, 2010

The following (edited / shortened) news currently gets spread around by WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM: US Black Metallers LUDICRA are in a serious bind… After more than a decade of being USBM’s best kept secret, the band finally got a dream-offer to play main support to Norwegian legends MAYHEM. Then, approximately sixty days prior to the tour launch, MAYHEM pulled the plug. Against all odds, LUDICRA was able to book a full US tour – 31 shows with no days off – and salvage their ability to promote a critically acclaimed new album "The Tenant". A week before the tour commenced, LUDICRA guitarist John Cobbett felt a pain in his abdomen, and visited the hospital in San Francisco. He had self-diagnosed appendicitis, but the hospital staff dismissed his concerns and sent him home, unaided. That night, John played on stage in support of PENTAGRAM while his appendix continued to rupture. Over the next week, a large abscess grew around his failing appendix, yet John worked his job, and performed the first gig of tour in Portland, OR. On day two of the tour, John was struck down by an incapacitating pain. Though John’s home is San Francisco, he’s currently laid up in a hospital in Olympia, WA – facing uninsured surgeries while his band-mates are soldiering on, and will soon resume performing and selling merchandise in order to recoup a fraction of the money lost by show cancellations, and imminent, astronomical medical bills. It is sincerely hoped that John will rehabilitate quickly enough to fulfill most of his tour obligations. Meanwhile, time and precious funds are slipping away… So, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM is asking anyone who is able and willing to donate funds to help alleviate the financial stress of their situation. Show your support and your disdain for the American "Health Care System" by donating funds to help cover the insane Hospital bills that are currently mounting (the band’s paypal email address is: wittr_merchandise@hotmail.com). Even if all you can spare is $10, please do so anyway. We hate to sound like an infomercial but we also want to offer anyone who donates more then $300 all three of our full length albums on CD as well as the "Malevolent Grain" EP. If you are able to donate that amount please include your mailing address in the paypal form. Sincerely, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

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