May 13, 2011

FATHER BEFOULED will release a split 7" with Chile’s DEMONIC RAGE through Dark Descent Records. The EP features an exclusive track from each band: ‘Abolition Of The Seraphic Vestige’ by FATHER BEFOULED and ‘Sulphuric Congregation Toward The Holocaust Of All Sacred And Holy’ by DEMONIC RAGE. The release is limited to 100 copies on "Coke bottle clear" vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl and features cover art by Paul Ledney (PROFANATICA). FATHER BEFOULED also have plans to enter the studio in September of 2011 to record their third full-length, "Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace" with a release planned late in the year through Dark Descent Records. Frontman and original member Justin Stubbs comments: "Dark Descent is the face of real, underground, hard-working Death Metal. We were looking for a deal for this next album following our split with Relapse, and Dark Descent stepped up and laid out exactly what we wanted. We could not be happier. Matt and Dark Descent are in the fray to provide us with the support we need to produce a killer album. Expect nothing less than what we are known for, which is serpentine, suffocating Death Metal. We are picking up precisely where "Morbid Destitution Of Covenant" left off. We got our legs under us on that one, expect "Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace" to be the defining album of our career." The band also plans to play a few selected shows to coincide with the release late in the year. For all further info and updates check out,

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