December 11, 2012

Australian four-piece NOCTURNAL GRAVES will be releasing their next album through Hells Headbangers. Their debut album "Satan’s Cross" and a split LP with HELL SPIRIT came out in 2007 and 2010 respectively on Nuclear War Now! Productions. The band already begun work on their second album and will start recording in two weeks at I-HQ Recordings in Australia. NOCTURNAL GRAVES recently also had a line-up change and have enlisted Shrapnel (ex – DESTROYER 666) on lead guitars and L. Wilson (DENOUNCEMENT PYRE) on drums. In May 2013, NOCTURNAL GRAVES will tour on European soil, with shows in Germany (at Deathkult Open Air), France, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Denmark, and Sweden among others. More info at

"Grip Of The Dead" will be the title of the upcoming debut full-length by Swedish Death Metallers NECROCURSE. The CD version of the album (to be released by Pulverised Records) contains eleven tracks and the vinyl version (a joint collaboration between Blood Harvest Records and To The Death Records) will include an additional re-recorded bonus track entitled ‘Souls Of A Thousand Funerals’, which previously appeared on the band’s "Shape of Death" MCD. Here’s the full tracklisting: ‘Preludium Of Devastation’, ‘Necrocurse’, ‘Rotten In The Dark’, ‘The Devil Cobra’, ‘Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)’, ‘Death Metal Rebels’, ‘Morbid Maniacs’, ‘Speed To The Grave’, ‘Grip Of The Dead’, ‘Coffin Breakers’ and ‘Infernal Rebellion’. You can check out the track ‘Rotten In The Dark’ at this location. For more information go to

Hells Headbangers have just signed both Gene Palubicki’s bands BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY and PERDITION TEMPLE. The guitarist, founder / songwriter of ANGELCORPSE had the following to say about both signings: "Been a while since there has been any actual ‘production’ news concerning either of my active works, namely PERDITION TEMPLE and BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY. It is official at this point that both bands are no longer part of the Osmose Productions roster. It was not a bad split with my longtime former label, simply the direction the label and my bands are pursuing differs enough to make it time for a change. I’m quite happy to announce the new home for both bands is Hells Headbangers Records! Of the several labels who contacted me and made various offers, Hells Headbangers clearly shares my vision for the course I wish to go for both bands. Hells Headbangers has a dedication to releasing the sort of products that are very much a best fit for my bands. In development currently are the sophomore full-length from PERDITION TEMPLE, and a forthcoming MLP of new BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY material. For line-ups concerning both bands, I couldn’t be more satisfied! In PERDITION TEMPLE I’ve got drummer Ronnie Parmer, whose been tearing it up with devilish precision with me for all the shows we’ve been doing for the last year now, as well as Gabriel Gozainy on bass, who completely shreds my riffs and gives our sound just that much more mayhem! And in a somewhat recent development, the line-up is now also joined by my former bandmate from past ANGELCORPSE times, Bill Taylor on second guitar! So on the forthcoming album, it will have been nearly 15 years ago that we both appeared on an album together (1998’s "Exterminate" by ANGELCORPSE)! So the feeling going into this new is right where it needs to be! For BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY, the line-up remains unchanged from the previous record. I am once agained joined by both Alex Blume on bass / vocals and drummer Gina Ambrosio on drums, and anyone who might have caught our debut live show a few months ago knows that we clearly give no quarter and no compromise on our lightning warfare attack! The new material of BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY will appear in the form of a MLP / MCD to feature three or four new original songs and maybe one or two cover tracks of our liking." For more info on both bands check out and

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