June 07, 2012

The new CRYPTBORN 7" has just been released through Detest Records (www.detestrecords.com). This summer, the band will play at the Hammer Open Air Festival in Finland and at the 3rd edition of the Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ordo MCM have announced the following three new releases in the coming months: KLAGE DER NACHT / VARGANOCTE – "Wenn Die Nacht Über Den Tag Fliegt…" (pro tape with pro cover, limited to 300 handnumbered copies – already released), ELECTROCUTION – "Inside The Unreal" (20th anniversary re-release as a limited edition gatefold LP incl. bonus material and remastered at The Strands studio in Los Angeles – release-date: end of June / beginning of July) and MORTIIS – "Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør" (re-release, limited to 500 copies, with 250 in standard black and 250 in special swirl-colored vinyl – release date: July 09, 2012). For more info or ordering details go to www.ordomcm.com

CIANIDE‘s 1992 album "The Dying Truth" has gotten a special reissue treatment from Deathgasm Records, this time with its originally-intended track order. As bonus tracks it will also feature 1990’s "Funeral" demo and 1991’s "Second Life" demo, as well as new liner notes detailing the story of the album. All songs have been remastered and edited by John Alexander. Tracklist: ‘Scourging At The Pillar’, ‘The Dying Truth’, ‘Funeral’, ‘The Suffering’, ‘Human Cesspool’, ‘Mindscrape’, ‘Crawling Chaos’ and ‘Second Life’. "Funeral" demo: ‘Morbid Restitution’, ‘Funeral’ and ‘Choose Your Death’. "Second Life" demo: ‘The Dying Truth’, ‘Mindscrape’, ‘Human Cesspool’. ‘The Suffering’ and ‘Second Life’. More at www.cianide-chicago.blogspot.com or www.deathgasm.com

Deathgasm Records will release "Vulgar Darkness", the debut full-length from Polish MORBID EXECUTION (feat. members of THRONEUM). The tracklist reads like this: ‘Twisted Maniacs’, ‘Wizards Of Silesia’, ‘Rusted And Demonized’, ‘Dreadful Romance’, ‘Hell’s Driven Anger’, ‘Remain Breathless’ and ‘Vulgar Darkness’. More details at www.deathgasm.com

Vic Records has signed a license deal with Lux Inframundis Productions for the European release of the CD reissue of THE CHASM‘s “Procreation Of The Inner Temple” debut album from 1994, wich will also include their complete 1993 demo, rare pics and extensive liner notes from Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin. Vic Records will also release a new exclusive digipak repressing of their most recent album “Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm”, which was originally released on a limited edition by Lux Inframundis in 2009, mainly available in North America and sold out for close to 2 years.

The second album of Mexico’s SHUB NIGGURATH "A Deadly Call From The Stars" will be released in Europe through Vic Records as well. The original Lux Inframundis Productions edition was limited to 500 copies only and sold out in 5 months.

The co-operation between Lux Inframundis Productions and Vic Records will also lead to the release of the second solo album by THE CHASM’s vocalist / guitar player / composer Daniel Corchado: MAGNUM ITINER INETRIUS. This new album will be conformed of 12 compositions of epic 60+ minutes of atmospherical, experimental yet dark and melodic instrumental Metal. For all further info go to www.vicrecords.com

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