June 14, 2012

Pennsylvania’s Crust / Black Metallers THE BEYOND will enter Welfare Line Studio in West Chester, PA next month to lay down the tracks for "Frostbitepanzerfuck", the full-length follow up to the "Gross Encounters Of The Sacrificial Rite" split 7" with THE LURKING CORPSES, which came out earlier this year. The album is scheduled for a September release on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and features the following tracks: ‘Roto-Cunt’, ‘Goat Sodomizer’, ‘Cunt Sucking Cannibal’ (GG Allin), ‘Frostbitepanzerfuck’, ‘Attack Of The Zombie Brigade’, ‘The Splatterhouse Maniacs’, ‘Necro Overload’ and ‘Exterminate Humanity’. In late September, THE BEYOND will return to Welfare Line Studio to record an EP entitled "The Pussy Warlock". This EP will feature new songs (‘Shit Eater’, ‘Hate Fuck’, ‘Chainsaw Slut Killer’, ‘Luciferian Warhead’ and ‘The Pussy Warlock’) along with a MOTÖRHEAD cover (‘Iron Fist’) and a live version of ‘Age Of The Locust’, which originally appeared on the band’s 2010 split WITH THE BLOOD MERIDIAN. An official release date and label will be announced soon. The band is furthermore scheduled to enter Underground Studio in Lewes, DE this fall to record three tracks for two forthcoming compilation albums (a cover of DODHEIMSGARD’s ‘Bluebell Heart’ for a Norwegian Black Metal compilation, the new track ‘Nun Punisher’ and BATHORY’s ‘Reaper’ for the Zodiak Killer Records’ "Thrashed Again" compilation. For all further info visit www.facebook.com/thebeyond666

Decibel Magazine has posted an exclusive premier of ‘Dissolution’ from "Hallucinating In Resurrecture", the debut release from UK-based trio BINAH at this location. The CD version of "Hallucinating In Resurrecture" will be released on July 24, 2012 through Dark Descent Records and on vinyl via Me Saco Un Ojo. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Into The Psychomanteum’ (Intro), ‘Morbid Obumbration’, ‘A New Rotten Dawn’, ‘The Emissary’, ‘Absorption Into The Unearthly’, ‘Eminence Of The Sombre’ (Instrumental), ‘Hallucinating In Resurrecture’, ‘Dissolution’, ‘Crepuscular Transcendence’ and ‘Buried Baptistry’ (Outro). More info at www.facebook.com/pages/Binah/304245586256643

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