November 20, 2012

Drummer Raelin Iakhu has left NECROS CHRISTOS. Here’s the official statement from the band: "After nearly five years of hard work, we sadly have to announce that drum magician Raelin Iakhu played his last show with NECROS CHRISTOS in Helsinki, Finland, this past weekend (Nov. 17th, 2012). His performance on "Doom Of The Occult" will remain as a true testament of the great dedication and effort that he put into the band and that made the album so unbelievably intense. We wish him and his family all the best for the future. His contribution will always be present in the ways of NECROS CHRISTOS. Thank you!"

"A Tomb For The Haunted", the new album from Mexico’s AGONY LORDS, will be released November 26, 2012 on Chaos Records. It will be available as a six-panel digipak with a 24-pages booklet that includes artwork, history and lyrics for each track. A special limited edition version (500 copies) will also be available and includes the bonus track ‘The Torture Never Stops’ (W.A.S.P cover) and an exclusive bonus DVD with official videos, a photo gallery, biography, the making of ‘The Spirit In The Tower’ video, official bootlegs and "Unions" recording sessions from 1992. Here’s the full tracklist of the album: ‘Enter The Mausoleum’, ‘Raising The Occult’, ‘Dead Eyes’, ‘The Spirit In The Tower’, ‘Emily’, ‘Witches Board’, ‘Writer Of The Dead’, ‘The Phantom Boo’, ‘The Tree Of The Hange’, ‘A Tomb For The Haunted’ and ‘The Torture Never Stops’ (W.A.S.P. cover, limited edition exclusive bonus track). Visit this location for all further details. The official video for ‘The Spirit In The Tower’ can be checked out here. ‘The Spirit In The Tower’ and ‘Raising The Occult’ are currently streaming at the Chaos Records bandcamp site. More info at or

"Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated" is the title of the upcoming new album by Cleveland, Ohio’s MANTICORE – the band’s first full-length since 2006’s "For Rats And Plague". It was recorded in the basement of the Last House on the Left on October 12 and 13, 2012 by Don Sukis, Jr. who also mixed and mastered it. Nestor Avalos is responsible for the artwork. The track ‘Denying The Resurrection’ is now streaming at this location. "Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated" features the following tracks: ‘Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated’, ‘From The Darkness Below’, ‘Abhorrent Baptism In The Vestal Cavity’, ‘Procession To Possession’, ‘Denying The Resurrection’, ‘Torn Apart By Hate’, ‘In Nomine Satanas’ (VENOM cover), ‘Filth Upon Filth’ and ‘Abolished Holy Conceit’. More info at or

"Culture Of Death", the debut album from Jacksonville, Florida’s CYSTIC DYSENTERY is available now from Deathgasm Records. The album features a cover of SLAYER’s ‘Born Of Fire’ as well as guest vocals from NAILSHITTER’s Mike Fortier (on ‘Cadaverous Compost’) and cover art by Jon Zig. The band is currently streaming selections from "Culture Of Death" at Here’s the full tracklist: ‘Parasitic Demise’, ‘Dead Priest’, ‘Head Wound’, ‘Concussion’, ‘Engulfed In Feces’, ‘Cadaverous Compost’, ‘Born Of Fire’ (SLAYER cover) and ‘Culture Of Death’. For all further information go to

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