March 14, 2014

Martyrdoom Productions will release the CD edition of the upcoming new album from Greek Death Metallers DEAD CONGREGATION. A video teaser can already be checked out at this location. For all further info check out

Australia based Death Metallers BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS are currently streaming both songs of their new 7" EP "Lamia". You can check out the titletrack at this location, while the second song (‘Demonsword Infernal’) is available directly on the band’s official bandcamp page. The EP will be co-released today by Unholy Prophecies and Lavadome Productions, strictly limited to 300 copies and pressed on transparent red vinyl. Each copy comes with an insert / lyrics sheet. More info and ordering details at or

Finnish Thrashers CURIMUS will be releasing their second full-length "Artificial Revolution" on April 25, 2014 on the band’s own label Freezing Penguin (distributed worldwide by Svart Records). A lyric video for the album’s first single ‘Preachings’ can be viewed here. The full album tracklist reads like this: ‘Reincarnation’, ‘Free-Standing Nation’, ‘No Feast For The Vultures’, ‘Faith & Obsession’, ‘Love Song’ and ‘In The Darkness’. More band information at or

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have just released "Enraptured By Suffering", the new album from Rock Island, Illinois’ Death / Thrashers HELMSPLITTER. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Scott Creekmore (BROKEN HOPE, NUM SKULL, LUPARA) and features Blakk (ANGELKILL, MORTUARY OATH, MASKIM) on vocals. The following tracks appear on the album: ‘Tyrants For Blood’, ‘Panzram’, ‘Aura Of Suicide’, ‘Burden Of Our Existence’, ‘Dance Of The Heretic’, ‘World So Wicked’, ‘Portrait Of Scars’, ‘The Ground Bleeds Sorrow’, ‘Forged In Fire’, ‘Days Of Loathing’ and ‘Summon The Leeches’. All further HELMSPLITTER info at

On April 21, 2014 (May 06, 2014 in North America) Eisenwald Tonschmiede will release AURVANDIL‘s second full length "Thrones". It features the four lengthy tracks ‘For Whom Burnest Thou’, ‘The Harvest Of Betrayal’, ‘Summon The Storms’ and ‘Ingen Lindring’. More info at

Five years after the band’s debut album "Nailed" Australia’s blackened Death Metallers DESTRUKTOR have completed work on their second album "Opprobrium", which will be released by Hells Headbangers this summer. It was once again recorded at 3 Phase Studios in Melbourne with Sam Johnstone. A split 7" with THRONEUM will be released shortly by Hells Headbangers, which will feature a promo recording of ‘Besieged’, one of the seven songs set for release on "Opprobrium". For all additional DESTRUKTOR information check out or

Ohm Resistance Records will release "Another Scheme Of The Wicked" from industrialized Black Metallers INVERTIA on April 08, 2014. The follow-up album to the band’s 2013’s self-titled debut combines five tracks with five remixes from Justin K. Broadrick (GODFLESH, JESU), End.user (THE BLOOD OF HEROES) and Submerged (METHOD OF DEFINANCE, THE BLOOD OF HEROES). The album track ‘The Sidewinding’ is now streaming at More about INVERTIA you can find at or

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