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February 28, 2017

Italian brutal Death Metallers DEVANGELIC will release their sophomore full length "Phlegethon" on October 27, 2017 via Comatose Music. The album will be mixed / mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions and the artwork was created by Ken Sarafin (Sarafin Concepts). The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Plagued By Obscurity’, ‘Mutilation Above Salvation’, ‘Of Maggots And Disease’, ‘Malus Invictus’, ‘Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed’, ‘Condemned To Dismemberment’, ‘Wretched Incantations’, ‘Manifestation Of Agony’, ‘Decaying Suffering’ and ‘Asphyxiation Upon Phlegethon’. The limited digipak edition will feature 2 additional bonus tracks: ‘He Who Sleeps’ (MORBID ANGEL cover) and ‘Abominated Impurity Of The Oppressed’ (Promo 2016). More about DEVANGELIC at www.devangelic.com or www.facebook.com/devangelic.official

Defying Danger Records have just released the cassette version of WOUND‘s ”Engrained” album. "Remnants…", the second full length from Californian Death Metallers RUDE, will also be released on tape (limited to 300 handnumbered copies) right on time for the "California Death Over Europe" tour in May 2017. On April 30, 2017 the label will furthermore release the vinyl edition of the SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB debut "Stop! Hammertime!". More details and ordering information at www.defyingdanger.de

February 27, 2017

In April 2017 Terror From Hell Records will release NECROMUTILATOR‘s new mini album "Ripping Blasphemy" on 12" vinyl (limited to 400 copies on black vinyl, with silkscreen design printed on the B-side) and cassette (limited to 150 copies on black tape). The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Ripping Blasphemy’, ‘Exhorted Sacrifice’, ‘Unholy Semen Of Doom’ and ‘Gate To Eternal Possession’. More about NECROMUTILATOR at www.facebook.com/necromutilator-221413121202401

Season of Mist have signed Norwegian Black Metallers 1349. The band had already been signed to the US department of the label and now the deal had been extended to a worldwide representation. For all additional 1349 information go to www.facebook.com/1349official

"Frost Image", the 1993 debut album from Mexican Death Metallers BLOODSOAKED, will be re-released on CD via Chaos Records on March 27, 2017. The album was originally only released on cassette through Rock’n’Roll Circus. The new CD edition will also feature the 3 songs from 1994’s "The Omen" 7" EP. The album songs were remastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound in the UK (GRAVE MIASMA, CRUCIAMENTUM, QUESTION), the bonus tracks by Ted Tringo at The Ancient Way Mastering. More info and ordering details at www.chaos-records.com

INQUISITION will embark on the second leg of their "Bloodshed Across Europe" tour this April. The tour will kick off at the Royal Metal Fest in Aarhus, Denmark on April 07, 2017 and it ends on April 30, 2017 in Murcia, Spain. For all further details check out www.facebook.com/inquisition.official

February 24, 2017

Lycanthropic Chants have just released a limited tape edition (150 handnumbered copies) of the self-titled MINOTAUR HEAD debut full length. A sound sample can be checked out here. For ordering details go here: www.lycanthropic-chants.de

February 23, 2017

Brian Kingsland, guitarist for South Carolina Progressive Black Metallers ENTHEAN, has joined NILE as second guitarist / vocalist. He replaces Dallas Toler-Wade, who decided to leave the band in order to focus on his own plans and recordings. More about NILE at www.facebook.com/nilecatacombs

February 22, 2017

On April 08, 2017 Raw Skull Recordz will release a cassette edition of the new MORDBRAND full length "Wilt". The cassettes will be limited to 100 hand-numbered blue copies. For all further info check out www.rawskullrecordz.org

On February 27, 2017 Terror From Hell Records will release a vinyl edition of "Into A Pyramid Of Doom", the debut full length of German based INTO COFFIN. The album will be available as a 180 gram black vinyl double LP. For ordering details check out www.tfhrecords.com or www.facebook.com/terrorfromhellrecords. More about INTO COFFIN at www.facebook.com/intocoffin

February 21, 2017

German Death Metallers ANASARCA have signed a deal with Sevared Records for the release of their new album "Survival Mode". The recordings will start on March 29, 2017 with a release scheduled for May 25, 2017. If you want to pre-order the album and / or a shirt, just send an e-mail to order@anasarca.de with the subject "Survival Mode pre-order". All additional ANASARCA information you will find at www.facebook.com/anasarcadeathmetal

Swedish Death Metallers MORDBRAND are streaming their upcoming new full length "Wilt" in its entirety at this location now. The album was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory and the artwork was created by Nathalie Ziegler. "Wilt" will be released through Carnal Records on February 24, 2017. A lyric video for the song ‘Delivering The Gods’ can already be checked out here. More about MORDBRAND at www.facebook.com/officialmordbrand

The new GRÁ single "Ramsvarta Tankar" will be released on March 24, 2017 via Carnal Records. It features the following two tracks: ‘Ramsvarta Tankar’ and ‘Osculum Obscenum’ (LORD BELIAL cover). Besides Heljarmadr, Dimman and Maugrim the new line-up of GRÁ includes Natt (ex – HORDE OF HEL, ex – DARK FUNERAL, ex – WITHERSHIN) on guitars and Vediger (ex – DIABOLIC LUST, ex – SYMPHONY OF MALICE) on bass. For all further band information check out www.grahorde.com or www.facebook.com/graofficial

‘A Ripping Strike’, the first track off CRAVEN IDOL‘s forthcoming new album "The Shackles Of Mammon", is already streaming right here. The album will be released via Dark Descent Records on April 14, 2017. More CRAVEN IDOL info at www.facebook.com/pages/craven-idol/158945044134965

February 20, 2017

Ukraine based Death / Thrashers HELL:ON have released a video for the track ‘Filth’ at this location. The song is taken from their 2015 album "Once Upon A Chaos". More HELL:ON info at www.facebook.com/hellonofficial

Swedish Death Metallers THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE have just released their new full length "Necromancer" via Selfmadegod Records. It was recorded at The Rotpit Studio in 2016 and mixed and mastered by Brynjar Helgetun at Studio Brainjar (JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN, PUTREVORE, DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN). The artwork was created by Ironworks Gravefix (BONE GNAWER, PAGANIZER). The album’s full tracklist reads like this: ‘Dead World Disorder’, ‘Shotgun Lobotomy’, ‘Parasite Tales’, ‘Relics Of A Future Past’, ‘Necromancer’, ‘Equinoxer’, ‘Necromancer Pt.II’, ‘The Morons Are Running The Asylum’, ‘Atlantis Interceptor’ and ‘Humanity Has Left The Building’. More info at www.selfmadegod.com

In May 2017 Triumph Ov Death will release a limited edition MUTILATED compilation entitled "In Memoriam". It will be released as a double digipak CD with a 24 page full-colour booklet. CD 1 will feature all studio recordings from the band (including the 1987 "Omens Of Dark Fate" demo, which they still released as MUTILATOR) and the 1994 demo (which was released as ABYSSALS). CD 2 will come up with a bunch of rehearsal and live recordings that have been recorded on various locations from 1988 to 1993. Here’s the complete tracklist: CD 1: MUTILATOR – "Omens Of Dark Fate" (Demo 1987): ‘Omens Of Dark Fate’, ‘Unholy Church’, ‘Wish My Death’, ‘Apocalyptic Prophecy’, ‘Rabid Axeman Slaughtering’ and ‘Cabalistic Cryptograms’, MUTILATED – "Psychodeath Lunatics" (Demo 1988): ‘The Crown Of Death’, ‘Funerarium’, ‘Hysterical Corpse Dislocation’ and ‘Cabalistic Cryptograms’ (bonus track), MUTILATED – "Resurrected" (Demo ’91): ‘Graves Of Rebirth’ and ‘Sorcery’, MUTILATED – Unreleased 7" EP, 1993: ‘Tormented Creation’, ‘Evil Scriptures’, ABYSSALS – Demo 1994: ‘Evil Scriptures’, ‘The Hole Of Souls’ and ‘Scarified’. CD 2: Rehearsals: ‘Cabalistic Cryptograms’ (May ’88), ‘Disincarnate Souls’ (June ’88), ‘Funeral Slumber’ (March ’91), ‘Tormented Creation’ (’91), ‘Al-Azif’ (ABYSSAL rehearsal ’94), ‘Millenium Altar’, ‘Sorcery’, ‘Graves Of Rebirth’ (February / March ’91) and ‘Evil Scriptures’ (’92). Live recordings: ‘Evil Scriptures’ (Marseilles – April 16, 1993), ‘Intro’, ‘Tormented Creation’, ‘Sorcery’, ‘Millenium Altar’, ‘The Crown Of Death’, ‘Funeral Slumber’, ‘Evil Scriptures’, ‘Graves Of Rebirth’ (Lyon – December 13, 1992), ‘Tormented Creation’ (Verdalle – April 17, 1993), ‘The Crown Of Death’ (Paris – June 14, 1992) and ‘Evil Scriptures’ (Mulhouse – August 08, 1993). More MUTILATED information you will find at www.facebook.com/mutilateddeathmetal. For ordering details check out www.facebook.com/triumphovfvckingdeath or contact triumphovdeath@gmail.com

"Parthenope", the debut full length from Italy’s symphonic Black Metallers SCUORN, will be released on March 01, 2017 via Dusktone. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at 6th Cellar Studio in Roma by Stefano Morabito (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE) and the orchestral version has been handled by Riccardo Studer (STORMLORD). The album will be available in four different versions. For all additional information and ordering details check out www.dusktone.eu or www.facebook.com/dusktone. More about SCOURN at www.scuorn.com or www.facebook.com/scuorn

February 18, 2017

Soulseller Records have signed Swedish Death Metallers PALE KING for the release of their debut full length "Monolith Of The Malign". The album will be released on April 21, 2017 (on CD, limited LP and digitally). It features the following tracks: ‘The Last Hour’, ‘Ominous Horrors’, ‘Monolith Of The Malign’, ‘The Curse’, ‘Dark Intentions’, ‘Inflicting Misery’, ‘Resurrected’ and ‘A Haunted Palace’. The title track can already be checked out at this location. PALE KING features WOMBBATH members Jonny Pettersson on guitar and vocals and Håkan Stuvemark on guitar. The line-up gets completed by Hannah Gill on bass and Jon Rudin on drums. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/paleking666

February 17, 2017

Finnish Death Metallers GOREPHILIA have premiered a second track off their upcoming new album "Severed Monolith". You can check out ‘Return To Dark Space’ right here. The CD edition of "Severed Monolith" will be released on March 03, 2017 via Dark Descent Records, the vinyl edition will be handled by Me Saco Un Ojo. More about GOREPHILIA at www.gorephilia.com or www.facebook.com/gorephilia

February 16, 2017

"The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried", the debut album from Michigan blackened Grinders SUNLIGHT’S BANE, is streaming in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on February 17, 2017 via Innerstrength Records. For all additional information and updates check out www.facebook.com/sunlightsbane

February 14, 2017

Five years after the release of their last album "Misanthropy" Polish blackened Death Metallers PANDEMONIUM have returned to the scene with a new album entitled "Nihilist". It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Heavy Gear Studio with Mariusz Konieczny and features nine tracks. "Misanthropy" will be released via Old Temple on February 15, 2017 on golden CDs, in a traditional CD case. All copies will be handnumbered. A full album stream is available at this location. More about PANDEMONIUM at www.pandemonium.metal.pl or www.facebook.com/pandemoniumpl

February 13, 2017

On May 12, 2017 Comatose Music will release "Methods of Resurrection Through Evisceration", the new full length from Italian Death Metallers ANTROPOFAGUS. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Whirlwind Of Initiation’, ‘Spawn Of Chaos’, ‘Chants For Abyzou’, ‘Praise To A Hecatomb’, ‘Methods Of Resurrection Through Evisceration’, ‘Omnipotent Annihilation’, ‘The Abyss (Chapter One)’, ‘Quintessence Of Suffering’, ‘Deception Of The Blood’ and ‘Living In Fear’ (MALEVOLENT CREATION cover). A vinyl edition will be released via Everlasting Spew Records. More about ANTROPOFAGUS at www.facebook.com/antropofagus.official

February 10, 2017

Old Temple have just re-released "The Enlightenment", the 1999 debut album from Mexican Death Metallers SARGATANAS on hand numbered, golden CDs. The album is streaming in its entirety at this location. More SARGATANAS info at www.facebook.com/sargatanasmx.mexico

Swedish Death Metallers MORDBRAND will release their new album "Wilt" on February 24, 2017 via Carnal Records. It was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory and the artwork was created by Nathalie Ziegler. The complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Bleed Into Nought’, ‘Delivering The Gods’, ‘Worship Predation’, ‘At The Larvae Column’, ‘Throes Of Glorious Death’, ‘To Pursue Damnation’, ‘Venomous Myrrh’, ‘Wilt’ and ‘Give In To Oblivion’. A lyric video for the song ‘Delivering The Gods’ is already available at this location. More about MORDBRAND at www.facebook.com/officialmordbrand

Czech Death Metallers HYPNOS will release a new full length on March 24, 2017 via Einheit Produktionen. The album is entitled "The Whitecrow" and it is the first release of the band since "Heretic Commando – Rise Of The New Antikrist" from 2012. A lyric video for the title track can already be checked out here. More HYPNOS info at www.hypnos-cz.com or www.facebook.com/hypnoscz

February 09, 2017

On September 02, 2017 Raw Skull Recordz will re-release "Howling From The Deep", the debut full length from Russian Death Metallers GROND (it was originally released in 2012). The CD will include extra bonus tracks, a new artwork by Daemorph Evilartdominion and it will be limited to 500 copies of which, 50 will include an OBI strip (these will only be available at the Schoonebeek Deathfest). More about GROND at www.facebook.com/grondrus

Finnish Death / Thrashers RE-ARMED have released a video for ‘Lullaby Of Obedience’ at this location. The track is taken from the band’s new album "The Era Of Precarity", which was released on September 30, 2016 via Finland’s Saarni Records. For all additional information check out www.re-armed.net or www.facebook.com/rearmed

"Execration Diatribes", the upcoming debut full length from Portuguese Death Metallers PESTIFER, is already available for streaming in its entirety over here. The album will be released through Lavadome Productions on February 14, 2017. More PESTIFIER information you will find at www.facebook.com/pestiferofficial

NECROWRETCH have released an animated video for the title track of their forthcoming, third album "Satanic Slavery" at this location. The album, that will be released on April 14, 2017 via Season Of Mist, features the following eight tracks: ‘Sprawl Of Sin’, ‘Tredeciman Blackfire’, ‘Satanic Slavery’, ‘Evil Names’, ‘Hellspawn Pyre’, ‘Bestial Rites’, ‘Curse Of Blasphemy’ and ‘Verses From The Depths’. For all additional NECROWRETCH info and updates check out www.necrowretch.net or www.facebook.com/necrowretch

Polish Black / Death Metallers AZARATH will release their new album "In Extremis" on April 07, 2017 via Agonia Records. It was recorded at various locations between March and November 2016, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio and the album cover was created by Marta Prominska (Hypnagogic Painting). The full tracklist reads like this: ‘The Triumph Of Ascending Majesty’, ‘Let My Blood Become His Flesh’, ‘Annihilation (Smite All The Illusions)’, ‘The Slain God’, ‘At The Gates Of Understanding’, ‘Parasu Blade’, ‘Sign Of Apophis’, ‘Into The Nameless Night’, ‘Venomous Tears (Mourn Of The Unholy Mother)’ and ‘Death’. More band information you will find at www.azarath.pl or www.facebook.com/azarathband

February 08, 2017

London’s blackened Thrashers CRAVEN IDOL will release their second album "The Shackles Of Mammon" on April 14, 2017 on LP, CD and MC via Dark Descent Records. It was recorded at Priority Studios in Birmingham, engineered by Greg Chandler (ESOTERIC) and mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound. The album artwork was created by Daniel Corcuera. More about CRAVEN IDOL at www.facebook.com/craven-idol-158945044134965

February 07, 2017

Italian Death Metallers POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION have been signed by Comatose Music. The band features members from DEVANGELIC, NATRIUM and XENOMORPHIC CONTAMINATION and their first-ever track ‘Crafting Life’ can be checked out here. POSTHUMAN ABOMINATION are currently working on their debut full length "Transcending Embodiment", which is scheduled for an early 2018 release. More information and updates you will find at www.facebook.com/posthumanabomination

Houston, Texas based Death Metallers DESECRATE THE FAITH have just released a new song from their forthcoming album "Unholy Infestation". You can check out ‘Sacrilege Reborn’ at this location. The album will be out on March 03, 2017 via Comatose Music. For all additional info go to www.facebook.com/desecratethefaithofficial

Swedish Death Metallers DERANGED have parted ways with their vocalist, Anders Johansson. He has been replaced by Johan Bergström (VISCERAL BLEEDING). In an official statement the band wrote: "Anders has left the band. He wishes to focus on his family, so we part as friends and wish him the best of luck! We have already found a perfect replacement. Johan is an old friend of ours, we’ve played with him before in different projects and there is no doubt he will take DERANGED’s brutality to another level, onstage and in the studio! Anyone who has seen him perform in any of his other bands knows that he is a bloody powerhouse with one hell of a voice, and we’re looking forward to lay waste to Europe this coming spring together." More about DERANGED at www.facebook.com/derangedband

Norwegian Black Metallers GJENDØD just posted the titletrack from their upcoming full-length "Nedstigning" over here. The album was recorded between April and August 2016 at Nord Stern Studios and features the following seven tracks: ‘Til Høsten’, ‘Nedstigning’, ‘Håpet Falmer’, ‘Amputasjon Av Vranglæren’, ‘Kvalt Av Fornuft’, ‘Utrydd Den’ and ‘Ny Innsikt’. The CD edition will be released on February 24, 2017 via Hellthrasher Productions. The LP / MC version will follow later via Darker Than Black Records. For all further GJENDØD info check out www.facebook.com/Gjend%C3%B8d-1099509976778327

February 03, 2017

Swedish old school Black Metallers WAN will release their third full length "Wan Way To Hell" via Carnal Records on February 10, 2017. The album will feature the following tracks: ‘Known As Dead’, ‘King Of Evil’, ‘Till Kamp’, ‘Igeltjärn’, ‘The Challenger’, ‘Wrought’, ‘As If’, ‘Spitfire Metal’, ‘Full Sving’, ‘Piss On Your Grave’, ‘Svarthäll’, ‘Inn I Ilden’ and ‘Wan Way To Hell’. A video for ‘King Of Evil’ can already be watched right here. More about WAN at www.facebook.com/theunholywan

French Black / Death Metallers VI, TEMPLE OF BAAL and THE ORDER OF APOLLYON will join forces on a split EP that will be released via Agonia Records on March 31, 2017. The recording will feature one brand new song from each of the bands, with a playing time close to 25 minutes. With the exception of the drums, all instruments have been recorded, mixed and mastered at BST Studios. The drums were recorded at Hybreed Studios and Studio Vallet, respectively. The split EP will be available on black vinyl (with laser etching on side B), a limited to 200 copies red edition (with similar laser etching) and a limited to 100 copies gold edition (with a patch and similar laser etching). To find out more about the bands, check them out through the following sites: www.facebook.com/vithdevotion, www.facebook.com/theorderofapollyon and www.facebook.com/temple-of-baal-20135072962

February 02, 2017

"Rites Of The Mangled", the second full length from Barcelona based Death Metallers MORBID FLESH, will be released on CD via Unholy Prophecies on April 24, 2017 (the vinyl edition will follow a bit later). The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Moontower Studios (GRAVEYARD, CARNAL TOMB, TEITANBLOOD, NOMINON) and features guest appearances from Blasphemic Vomitor (INSULTERS), Xavi (TORT) and Xavier (CRANI SEPTIC / ASTIGARRAGA THROER / ÓSSERP). The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Circle Cursed’, ‘Burn The Entrails’, ‘Banished To Oblivion’, ‘Heretics Hammer’, ‘Feeding Mallows’, ‘Incantation’ and ‘Evil Behind You’. Additional info on MORBID FLESH you can find at www.facebook.com/morbidflesh

Italy’s BLASPHEMER have added Nicolò Brambilla (EKPYROSIS) on second guitar to their line-up. The band released the following statement about their new member: "We are extremely proud to announce that the unholy trinity has found a true disciple in Hell: Nicolò Brambilla (founder member of EKPYROSIS) joined the crusade against Christianity and he’s ready to summon the evil and kill that shit with us on stage, as well as on the upcoming releases. We already started the writing process and Nicolò immediately brought his old school background, which will be a strong part of our sound." BLASPHEMER’s latest album "Ritual Theophagy" was released on Comatose Music last October. A promo video for the album track ‘You Are Nothing’ can be found here. More band information at www.facebook.com/blasphemerbrutalwww.facebook.com/blasphemerbrutal

Polish Black / Death Metallers AZARATH have signed a new record deal with Agonia Records. The release of a new album is scheduled for April this year. For all further info and updates check out www.facebook.com/azarathband or www.azarath.pl

February 01, 2017

"Born… Suffer… Die", the classic 1991 debut full length from Brazilian Death Metallers HEADHUNTER D.C., has been re-released as a special 25th anniversary deluxe digipak edition via Cogumelo Records (in co-operation with Mutilation Records). The CD has been remastered and features the entire "Hell Is Here" demo from 1989 and other rare studio and live songs as bonus tracks. An additionally included DVD offers the band’s legendary show at the Sucata club in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil from February 15, 1992 (one of their first shows as a five-piece) plus a photo gallery with exclusive pictures from that particular show. The booklet features liner notes, old photos and further band memorabilia plus an English / Portuguese written text by Luiz "Angelkiller" Jr. from the now defunct 90s Death Metal band INFAMOUS from Salvador, Bahia and vocalist Sérgio Baloff’s brother. The album is distributed in the US by Greyhaze Records. More about HEADHUNTER D.C. at www.facebook.com/headhunterdc.

The forthcoming re-release of THE MIST‘s 1989 "Phantasmagoria" album is now streaming its entirety at this location. It will be released via Greyhaze Records on February 03, 2017. For ordering details check out www.greyhazerecords.com