July 27, 2018

After almost 8 years of silence issue # 5 of DEADLY ILLNESS zine has finally been released. It comes with 52 b/w pages and features interviews with Steve Digorgio (on his Jazz / Fusion project from the 90s, DARK HALL), OPIUM LORD, STREAKS RECORDS, OHYDA, CADAVERIC INCUBATOR, NECROLEPSY, VIOLENT HAMMER, CHURCH OF MISERY, INTOLERABLE NOISECHESTRA, ICE DRAGON and GODCHILLA. This issue is available in 10 different colored main covers and each copy comes with a fancy fridge magnet, a limited edition of 50 copies come with an exclusive ICE DRAGON vinyl 7" with 13 different DIY covers plus lyrics / infosheet. For ordering details contact deadlyillness@gmail.com, all further information about the zine you will find at www.facebook.com/deadly-illness-zine-and-records-1190540234357480

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